The Case of the Grinning Gorilla #2020

The Case of the Grinning Gorilla By Erle Stanley Gardner The Case of the Grinning Gorilla Can gorillas be hypnotized and trained to murder then turn on their master
  • Title: The Case of the Grinning Gorilla
  • Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780345303943
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Case of the Grinning Gorilla By Erle Stanley Gardner Can gorillas be hypnotized and trained to murder then turn on their master
    The Case of the Grinning Gorilla By Erle Stanley Gardner
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      169 Erle Stanley Gardner
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    1. Erle Stanley Gardner

      Erle Stanley Gardner was an American lawyer and author of detective stories who also published under the pseudonyms A.A Fair, Kyle Corning, Charles M Green, Carleton Kendrake, Charles J Kenny, Les Tillray, and Robert Parr.Innovative and restless in his nature, he was bored by the routine of legal practice, the only part of which he enjoyed was trial work and the development of trial strategy In his spare time, he began to write for pulp magazines, which also fostered the early careers of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler He created many different series characters for the pulps, including the ingenious Lester Leith, a gentleman thief in the tradition of Raffles, and Ken Corning, a crusading lawyer who was the archetype of his most successful creation, the fictional lawyer and crime solver Perry Mason, about whom he wrote than eighty novels With the success of Perry Mason, he gradually reduced his contributions to the pulp magazines, eventually withdrawing from the medium entirely, except for non fiction articles on travel, Western history, and forensic science.See at enpedia wiki Erle_Sta


    1. No good deed ever goes unpunished.I would like to start my review with a disclaimer a reason for this would be apparent shortly Presently I am not high I can submit a medical proof of this if the need arises A young gorgeous secretary of a reclusive millionaire committed a suicide under very suspicious circumstances He employer had enough political influence read money to convince the authorities it was a suicide The victim did not have any living relatives, so after a while a local law enforcem [...]

    2. Very enjoyable I completed it very fast Like i used to in younger days Do i need to say Some excerpts You don t get to understand human nature, Mason said, by listening to what people tell you when they re talking to you You don t Fallon asked, surprised.Mason shook his head That s when you see them with their make up on, with their best foot forward You learn about human nature by watching people when they don t know they re being watched, by listening to conversations that they don t know are [...]

    3. THE CASE OF THE GRINNING GORILLA 1952 Erle Stanley Gardner This is another case featuring Perry Mason, the incomparable lawyer This case starts out when Mason comes through the door of his office carrying a box Della, his secretary, asks what s in the box He tells her that he bid on it at an auction at the public administrator s office only because he was trying to support the auction At the end of the bidding, he found that he had been the only bidder at 5.00 It contained the diaries and some [...]

    4. Very entertaining Gardner has a unique writing style which is very different from current era reads, that of very little descriptive narrative, mostly concentrating on conversation between characters The books move very fast and leave much to your imagination A good thing in today s society of no imaginative thoughts please I recommend this book to be read towards the end of the group if you are reading than one.

    5. Perry Mason shares the defense chair with somebody else, a green lawyer at that It s the first time I ve seen him do that Lucky lawyer, having Mason for a partner As usual, he and the team rocked the case And thank you, Mr Gardner, for the lil piece of romantic whimsy at the end Also a first, since you re always stingy with romance Heheheh 3

    6. As the blurb said a spine chilling mystery.This was absolutely fantastic kept me on my toes and I literally couldn t put this book down unless I fell asleep while reading itthough my copy was from 1961 so I was terrified of taking into school for fear of damaging it in some way.

    7. There s a gorilla There s a mysterious housekeeper There s Perry Mason and of course there s a very irate Hamilton Burger What do you need

    8. Erle Stanley Gardner s Perry Mason novels are always masterpieces of deductive reasoning Mason, a shrewd calculating attorney, sort of stumbles by accident into this case by buying a drowned secretary s diaries at auction offering a bid merely to get the auction rolling This case involves an estate of an eccentric millionaire of the Howard Hughes variety whose estate is sort of like the Island of Dr Moreau filled with massive gorillas who are the subjects of homicidal experiments This is to put [...]

    9. One of the goofiest and weirdest Masons I ve read yet it definitely has the vibe of a Vincent Price concoction Lots of fun.

    10. This is my second Gardner book but my first Perry Mason.Of course, like many other, I know Mason well from Raymond Burr s compelling portrayal on television Reading the books is a different experience though, and if this 40th Mason novel is typical I shall be back for .These are short reads but with a well developed cast in the main, some people are less well rounded than others and an intriguing mystery too.A friend who read this told me a suspension of belief is needed in parts and I understan [...]

    11. Okay So, for years I ve been saying I don t care much for Perry Mason books Perhaps it was the influence of the TV show with Raymond Burr which I took exception to at a young age I m not sure But I m here to eat humble pie I picked up several Erle Stanley Gardner books over the past year all those tempting little pocket sized editions that I just can t resist And I thought, just maybe, I ought to try reading one I just finished The Case of the Grinning Gorilla and it was good Not the most awesom [...]

    12. 40 in the Perry Mason series A competent, average entry in the long running series finds Perry in possession of the diaries of a missing young lady, presumed fallen from a millionaires yacht Complications abound and the unique piece of this mystery is the private menagerie of monkeys and apes kept in a wing of the millionaires home Can gorillas be hypnotized Fun read 40 Perry Mason series Mason is passing an auction held by the public administrator, and on a whim bids on the Private personal bel [...]

    13. A bitter man decides to perform experiments to see if the great apes can be hypnotized into becoming homicidal maniacs Answer No You cannot hypnotize a gorilla No do their backs have zippers It s odd how often mining crops up in Perry Mason books I think geology was a side passion of the author I know he loved deserts, and those show up quite frequently as well There s always some babe who s been wrongly charged in a murder Perry knows what s what Paul Drake isn t smacking double sticks of gum y [...]

    14. One of the dumbest, most pointless, stupefyingly bad mystery novels I have ever read A friend warned me that the author lost it after 1957 but that the previous books were safe This 1952 book demonstrates that not all the previous book are safe Treat as radioactive.My thanks to reader Craig who caught a mistake I made about the date, now corrected Revising that also allowed me to catch a second mistake about the way I expressed my friend s comment I am doubly grateful.

    15. A good mystery At the onset it s intriguing till the middle the whiff of courtroom drama doesn t make it in It s a great work where Perry Mason s own curiosity fuels the establishment of a case and then its solution rather than him receiving the case by Page 50 70.A good read and a queer mystery featuring gorillas obviously , hypnotism and intrigue.Saying would be a spoiler so go ahead and read it.

    16. This mystery was so ridiculous, but really entertaining There were a few clues that were pretty easy to figure out, but I didn t figure out the whole solution, which was nice Overall this was my favorite Perry Mason mystery I ve read so far, although I do prefer Della s portrayal in the earlier books.

    17. Hypnotized gorillasThis is not my favorite PM though it does show pulpy fascination with hypnotism Sad for the animal experiments, though Kind of predictable but also a surprise twist or two.

    18. This book was fun to read Not only is it a well written mystery but one of my favorite animals, a gorilla, played a critical role in the plot, and surprisingly was described rather accurately considering when the book was written and what was known about gorilla behavior at that time.

    19. This book seemed less enthralling from the get go as many of his others until the end, then it was quite gripping.

    20. This one had action but not of the courtroom kind There was tons of action with chimpanzees, gorillas and what not I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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