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Sky Coyote By Kage Baker Sky Coyote Facilitator Joseph has outlasted entire civilizations during his twenty thousand years of service to Dr Zeus the twenty fourth century Company that created immortal operatives like him to preserve hi
  • Title: Sky Coyote
  • Author: Kage Baker
  • ISBN: 9780765317483
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sky Coyote By Kage Baker Facilitator Joseph has outlasted entire civilizations during his twenty thousand years of service to Dr Zeus, the twenty fourth century Company that created immortal operatives like him to preserve history and culture The year is 1699 and Joseph is now in Alta California, to imitate an ancient Native American Coyote god, and save the native Chumash from the white EuropeaFacilitator Joseph has outlasted entire civilizations during his twenty thousand years of service to Dr Zeus, the twenty fourth century Company that created immortal operatives like him to preserve history and culture The year is 1699 and Joseph is now in Alta California, to imitate an ancient Native American Coyote god, and save the native Chumash from the white Europeans.He has the help of the Botanist Mendoza, who hasn t gotten over the death of her lover Nicholas, in Elizabethan England.Lately though, Joseph has started to have a few doubts about The Company There are whispers about the year 2355, about operatives that suddenly go missing Time is running out for Joseph, which is ironic considering he s immortal, but no one ever said that it was easy being a god.
    Sky Coyote By Kage Baker
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      316 Kage Baker
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      Born June 10, 1952, in Hollywood, California, and grew up there and in Pismo Beach, present home Spent 12 years in assorted navy blue uniforms obtaining a good parochial school education and numerous emotional scars Rapier wit developed as defense mechanism to deflect rage of larger and powerful children who took offense at abrasive, condescending and arrogant personality in a sickly eight year old Family 2 parents, 6 siblings, 4 nieces, 2 nephews Husbands 0 Children 0.Prior occupations graphic artist and mural painter, several lower clerical positions which could in no way be construed as a career, and over a period of years for the Living History Centre playwright, bit player, director, teacher of Elizabethan English for the stage, stage manager and educational program assistant coordinator Presently reengaged in the above listed capacities for the LHC s triumphant reincarnation, AS YOU LIKE IT PRODUCTIONS.20 years of total immersion research in Elizabethan as well as other historical periods has paid off handsomely in a working knowledge of period speech and details.In spare time ha reads any old sea stories by Marryat, the Aubrey Maturin novels by Patrick O Brien, the Hornblower books, ANYTHING by Robert Louis Stevenson, Raymond Chandler, Thorne Smith, Herman Melville except Pierre, or the Ambiguities, which stinks Somerset Maugham, George MacDonald Frasier.Now happily settled in beautiful Pismo Beach, Clam Capital of the World, in charming seaside flat which is unfortunately not haunted by ghost of dashing sea captain Avid gardener, birdwatcher, spinster aunt and Jethro Tull fan.sfwa 2010 01 rip kage


    1. hello there, little comedy of manners i see you you are trying to hide, aren t you but your heart is not in it, i think and all the better for it you are quite a charming comedy of manners, and there is no shame in that you are a tale that features pretension punctured, amusing miscommunications, servants who say the correct thing while silently conveying their disdain, bureaucratic bosses who are childlike in their sheltered idealism, faux naifs slash noble savages who turn out to be neither na [...]

    2. ok, so this is certainly not the first swing around the dance floor for the Company novels and i in fact, we re getting to be rather accustomed partners but every time i pick one up after a couple year absence, i am astonished all over again how good they are s really a pity this one didn t come first in the series, somehow i m betting a lot of people read 1 In the Garden of Iden and expected the rest of the series to be similar but actually 2 here is a lot representative of the series than 1 1 [...]

    3. She Kage did it again, only this time worse.OK, I couldn t put down the book That accounts for the extra star First half was great Lots of hints at character development, future power struggles, etc Spoilers after this point But the end, oh boy, what a letdown Mendoza is, indeed, an ungrateful whiny person unable to cope with a loss after 100 years Or maybe not, maybe in the next books we get some closure, some high feelings to admire But who cares then.Joseph seems to be what one would expect t [...]

    4. This second novel of the Company makes all of In the Garden of Iden feel like a prequel, and for those SF readers who don t like much romance I might recommend starting here It jumps ahead a couple hundred years and switches to Joseph s first person narrative I think the series is actually shaping up to switch back and forth between Mendoza and Joseph with every book, but I could be wrong , and it gets much into the world building that was so ruthlessly relegated to the background in the first [...]

    5. Sky Coyote wins the prize as the first physical book I ve read in over a year, and I regret nothing It continues the saga of The Company, but this time, the story is told from the immortal Facilitator Joseph s perspective In this case, the Company isn t satisfied with grabbing lost artefacts and to be extinct plants they decide to take an entire Chumash village as well, and decide to send in an agent in the guise of the trickster god Sky Coyote to persuade the village to come along peacefully It [...]

    6. While I really liked the first book in Kage Baker s Company series, I thought this sequel was merely cute I was interested in the mysterious politics of the Company than I was in the endless scenes with the Native American tribe that Joseph and his fellow immortals were trying to preserve Sky Coyote was much sillier in tone than In The Garden of Iden was lots of unanswered questions about who was running the Company and to what end were posed, but most of the pages were spent discussing the coy [...]

    7. Oh, what fun Of course I am a sucker for time travel, so no surprise I liked this The narrative voice is fantastic, wry and quirky and wise as only a 20,000 year old immortal can be I loved the very modern sounding primitive tribe I imagine this is the filtration through Joseph s modern sensibilities and the tale of Coyote and his penis had me laughing out loud.Second in a series, I didn t pick up the first because this one looked interesting to me and as though it could stand alone which it do [...]

    8. 8 10The second book in Kage Baker s Company series, the story focuses on Joseph, a facilitator and field operative who plays the part of Sky Coyote to a Native American tribe in what will be California We get a lot of Joseph s history, a bit of an update on Mendoza the main POV character from the first book, In the Garden of Iden , and some thought provoking glimpses of both the future and the past Parts of it were a little to campy for me, which is why I rated it 8 10.

    9. I read a short story somewhere about THE COMPANY recently It was pretty good, and drew me to read this series.While the first book IN THE GARDEN OF IDEN set up a clever premise, and were humorous in parts, I found this second book a chore to get through Yes, I know it s suppose to get better plot wise character development down the line, but my problems are not so much about the plot than some inherent elements of the series itself.First, I could not identify with any of the immortals In general [...]

    10. I m often surprised when people mention that Sky Coyote is Kage Baker s weakest in the Company series Admittedly, the first time I read this book I was unimpressed, I wanted to know about Mendoza, not Joseph But now, after multiple re readings, I have to say that this has become one of my favorite books in the series Joseph has far depth than Mendoza, of a story to tell and frankly, a lot less whiny New World One is the base of dreams It has every amenity imaginable and the base leader is a b [...]

    11. Imagine you are immortal, and live through the long ages, knowing in advance what is coming You are there when famous events occur, you see and talk to the people of history, you know all about what they are, than they themselves know That s basically the premise behind the Company books, though there s much to it than that But if you love history and a well told story with smart, likable characters, these books will probably be right up your alley Sky Coyote, book 2 of the series, is told fro [...]

    12. 1999January 18, 2015The library didn t have The Garden of Iden in, but after a dinner conversation in which the Spouse and I commented on the Company premise, I was hankering for a re read So, I started with the second book.Okay, a little backstory there is time travel, but only to the past and returning, never to the future The Company controls the technology and is using it to rescue lost artifacts from the past, make canny investments, etc and for the copious work it is much easier to rescue [...]

    13. A comfort re read 6 26 11Now that I ve read the series and have got to know Joseph better, I think I enjoyed the re read better this time around And this book gives a good grounding in Company politics and issues I d forgotten that from first read 8 13 16 Another reread I think this must be my 3rd time now I find that I love this book each time I read it again In one of life s amazing serendipitous coincidences, I had an opportunity to take a field studies class where we studied the Chumash Hap [...]

    14. Second book in the Company series this one switches focus from Mendoza to Joseph, and in doing so gives us a detailed look at the history of The Company and some of their past actions At the same time, we are in the present of 1700, where Joseph has to preserve a tribe of Chumash natives from being wiped out by other tribes and European conquerors Once again, I m really impressed with Baker s ability to develop character through voice I feel like I ve got a good feeling that I know who Joseph i [...]

    15. This was my second and last of the Company series There s just not much of a plot in these books, it turns out Baker does a wonderful job of fleshing out the environs, both primitive and hyper advanced, but it looks increasingly like these are books that just minutely observe culture clash.That would be great, if there was going on There s not The author and her characters are funny, but they re also just going through the motions No one has a particularly motivated agenda, everything pretty mu [...]

    16. A quirky little book The story wrapper is a vast time traveling Company that meddles in history and the undercurrents of conflict between its immortal employees from historical times and its owners from the future The story core is the life of a Chumash village in 1699 The glue between the two is Joseph from the Company, whose mission is to play the trickster god Sky Coyote and convince the villagers to move before the Europeans arrive Joseph likes playing the cunning trickster Joseph does not l [...]

    17. The second volume in The Company series This one involves a lot satire the Company has told its agents to preserve an intact village of a Native American tribe called the Chumash people, artifacts and all However the agents from the future are incompetent, wussy vegetarians who seem to spend all their time playing videogames and freaking out about germs etc The immortal agents have to wonder what the 24th century is actually like, and what who they are actually doing their work forMendoza is in [...]

    18. I don t know what it is about this series For me, it seems to be right on the edge of something great, but it never quite makes the leap Entertaining, you bet The premise of this book, that an immortal special agent for the Dr Zeus Company is trying to preserve an entire native american village from its people and their handicrafts, to the plants they know and the animals they hunt and eat is fascinating The story never had that holy cow moment though and the ending was an anticlimactic summary [...]

    19. 2.5 stars I didn t like this nearly as well as the first book The writing is fine, and some of the humor is there, but I was a little disappointed in the plot and the setting Joseph was a great character when seen from Mendoza s point of view, but for this novel we have him as the narrator, and I didn t like him as well I also didn t like Mendoza so much when seen through his eyes.Still, there s enough potential here to make me want to continue with the series.

    20. What a hilarious book Few dark corners in this one Facilitator Joseph, the 20,000 year old man and con man par excellence, cons a group of California Indians circa the 18th century, into believing he s the mythological being, Coyote It s all a grand Company scheme, of course, but mostly it s just plain fun.

    21. I was hesitant about jumping to a new narrator in this second Company book, but Joseph is a lot fun than Mendoza, and he seems to really enjoy the role of Trickster in this episode, convincing a village of Chumash to go with him An odd thing to do, but I liked how the villagers were portrayed like any other people anywhere, with business dealings and divorces and healthy skepticism about the ways Coyote tries to trick them like shrugging off his explanation that an earthquake meant a god was an [...]

    22. The tone of this book is very different from the first in the series, as it focuses on the Joseph character, who constantly reminds me of Zaphod Beeblebrox Joseph is leading a new team in 1699 northern California, with the mission of removing a local Indian tribe for study along with all of their possessions and samples of the local flora and fauna In order to obtain their willing cooperation, Joseph is surgically altered to resemble their local god, Sky Coyote I found this book to be much ligh [...]

    23. The pace on this seemed really slow to me The narrator is not entirely reliable, and as you get through the book you begin to see why He s witty, quick on his feet, and a bit morally compromised What happens to Mendoza I m interested in learning about how Joseph reacts to events at the end of the book, and of course what happens to Mendoza, but I m not on fire to read the next one.

    24. Review Kage Baker s first novel, In the Garden of Iden, was a smart, funny, top drawer read Fans will be happy to find out that Baker avoids a sopho slump with Sky Coyote, the second novel of the Company, and another superbly witty and intelligent book Baker switches focus in this sequel to Joseph, the immortal cyborg who rescued Iden s heroine, Mendoza, from the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition Joseph and Mendoza work for Dr Zeus, otherwise known as the Company, a 24th century operation devo [...]

    25. Liked this than I d recalled I particularly loved the non patronizing descriptions of the Chumash community including the gathering of data from the trade unionists The 24th century characters were pretty scary.

    26. My first thought as I began this was fans of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, pounce Baker s smart, cynical , 20,000 year old protagonist would get on well with Jonathan Stroud s ancient demon Here is our first view of Joseph who is also the narrator And here s the intrepid Spanish Jesuit, our hero You couldn t mistake him for anything else He s got those little black raisin eyes Spanish priests are supposed to have, but with a sort of twinkly expression the masters of the Inquisition usually lack .his c [...]

    27. In Sky Coyote, Kage Baker seems intent on missing the boat with her own series First of all, in almost all technical aspects, this book is worse than the first book in the series Where that book had well done and well researched writing, with varied and decently filled out characters, this book rambles about unimportant trivia, buries any historical research under horse feathers, and has only one character with any semblance of depth The one thing in this book that is done better than in the fir [...]

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