Šausmu Enģelis #2020

Šausmu Enģelis By Edgar Wallace ausmu En elis The Angel of Terror aka The Destroying Angel Jack Glover of Rennet Glover and Simpson does not believe his cousin Meredith killed Bulford Meredith s father was an eccentric and unless Meredith is mar
  • Title: Šausmu Enģelis
  • Author: Edgar Wallace
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  • Page: 275
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  • Šausmu Enģelis By Edgar Wallace The Angel of Terror aka The Destroying Angel Jack Glover of Rennet, Glover and Simpson does not believe his cousin Meredith killed Bulford Meredith s father was an eccentric and unless Meredith is married by the age of thirty his sister inherits everything She is dead and Meredith, now in prison, is thirty next Monday Meanwhile Lydia Beale is struggling to pay her deadThe Angel of Terror aka The Destroying Angel Jack Glover of Rennet, Glover and Simpson does not believe his cousin Meredith killed Bulford Meredith s father was an eccentric and unless Meredith is married by the age of thirty his sister inherits everything She is dead and Meredith, now in prison, is thirty next Monday Meanwhile Lydia Beale is struggling to pay her dead father s creditors When Glover offers her money she is shocked However, despite the strange conditions attached, it is a proposal she cannot afford to ignore.
    Šausmu Enģelis By Edgar Wallace
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      275 Edgar Wallace
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    1. Edgar Wallace

      Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace 1875 1932 was a prolific British crime writer, journalist and playwright, who wrote 175 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles in newspapers and journals.Over 160 films have been made of his novels, than any other author In the 1920s, one of Wallace s publishers claimed that a quarter of all books read in England were written by him.He is most famous today as the co creator of King Kong , writing the early screenplay and story for the movie, as well as a short story King Kong 1933 credited to him and Draycott Dell He was known for the J G Reeder detective stories, The Four Just Men, the Ringer, and for creating the Green Archer character during his lifetime.


    1. I have been wanting to read one or two of Edgar Wallace s novels for some time to see what all the fuss was about in his day This tale of an amoral but beautiful woman and her victims was surprisingly timeless and entertaining, just perfect for a day of airplane travel after days of fatiguing meetings and work.

    2. Exquisitely beautiful and thoroughly vile, Jean is a scheming murderer, who gets away with multiple murders because she is so so lovely, innocent looking, and a skilled liar But lawyer Jack Glover has her pegged, and does his best to protect Jean s latest target, an unbelievably naive and debt ridden working girl, who unexpectedly inherits the fortune that Jean had planned on acquiring In spite of the tense nature of the plot, it is told in quite a humorous manner with a cast of fascinating char [...]

    3. This is a riveting tale which sets out with a man being sentenced for murder and a beautiful, innocent woman having had to testify against him Except, what everyone thinks is exactly opposite to the truth, according to the condemned man s friend and attorney, Jack Glover He claims that his friend was framed Meanwhile, poverty stricken Lydia gets pulled into this scenario completely out of the blue and is put in the situation of having to decide who to trust One person is telling the truth and th [...]

    4. N hodn v ber z dom cej kni nice Thriller i detekt vka Hm, sk r zvl tny mix oboch a dokonca nie ve mi oslniv Posta il v ak, ako oddychov r chle tanie Mimochodom, hrdinka sa vol L dia Je neuverite ne naivn a hl pa Hodnoteniu to teda nepomohlo

    5. Jack Glover saves Lydia from a life of penury Written early in the century, this is a book by an author whose works have been translated to television and film Lydia had taken on the debts of her late father, and could not reduce the amount that his creditors were owed THe Angel of Terror is a beautiful but ruthless woman who, along with her father, plots to steal all Lydia s fortune How she is thwarted well, read the book

    6. While definitely not as great as his previous works but quite good nonetheless I found the protagonist to be too naive almost on the verge of being stupid, but the character of the antagonist is indeed quite interesting especially her role as a provocateur of evil I would definitely recommend this for fans of victorian era mysteries.

    7. In this one, another free download to my Kindle, the bad guy was known right away However, what was not known was how much danger could be done, and how would the bad guy eventually get caught I enjoyed this one.

    8. A classic mystery crime novel involving the evil deeds of one Jean Briggerland, a woman with all the outward angelic qualities imaginable but possessing an unspeakable evil nature Can Jack Glover stop her

    9. This was an audio book and was rather interesting It s a murder mystery but only in the sense of will the murder be found out by the society at large and be caught I liked the premise and the characters and will remember the book because of the non traditional ending.

    10. This was a very odd book I didn t like it as much as some of Edgar Wallace s other works, primarily because one of the primary characters seemed almost unbelievably naive The book has an interesting albeit relatively implausible plot that kept me entertained.

    11. Mostly good, but the heroine is unbelievably naive too stupid for anyone to fall in love with The villain however is extremely well written, as well as her nemesis, Jack Glover Watching them trying too outwit each other throughout the book was a lot of fun.

    12. I stumbled on to this book quite by accident.But i am glad i did It was a very consuming book, finished it in just 2 sittings Not a fan of the ending but otherwise an enjoyable read.

    13. A classic crime novel where you know who the bad guys are and who the good ones are The heroine is than naive The cold blooded villain is a female, with looks deceiving.Everyone is blinded by her charm and beauty, except for Jack Glover, the detective, who knows the crimes she has committed.The plot is okay ish , with not many twists and turns Neither a great nor a bad read.

    14. A beautiful woman can do no wrong, regardless of how much evidence proves otherwise Decently written, but idiotic.

    15. I have a vague feeling that I d heard about Edgar Wallace off and on over the years According to , he was immensely prolific back a hundred years ago Apparently, at one time a quarter of the books being read in Britain were penned by Wallace So, anyway, I figured if he s good enough for Edwardian Brits, why not give him a fly This was a pretty intriguing little book I think it would be classified as crime fiction rather than mystery There s no mystery as to who are the villains and who are the g [...]

    16. I downloaded this from Project Gutenberg as Wallace is referenced often in Sayers I was disappointed The heroine is the dumbest of dumb despite multiple attempts on her life Appallingly stupid How many times can she say that the villain can t possibly be a bad person and been involved in murder Just look at how beautiful she is This despite the mayhem happening around her that only started when this woman appeared in her life And is heir to her money Lots of money i suppose i should be grateful [...]

    17. I have to admit that I am not completely done with it, but I really don t think that my opinion of it will change much at this point.I agree with many of the other reviewers who didn t really care for the book The heroine is so painfully blind, and frankly stupid, to all that is going on around her She is so infatuated with the villain that even when everything is laid out step by step in front of her she still refuses to believe that her new friend is in fact a villain after her money.I will br [...]

    18. Wallace was at one time arguably the most popular writer in the world This is the first book that I have read from him, most of which are now in the public domain and freely available Angel of Terror is an entertaining enough thriller with a memorable female antagonist and some cozy mystery and absurdist themes Although written almost 100 years ago, the prose is not hindered by the boring anachronistic English found in many older novels, making it an easy and relatively fun read Perfect for casu [...]

    19. Generally, I like Edgar Wallace s books but this one must be my least favorite Not only were there too many coincidences for my liking, but the main heroine was too stupid to exist And the way everybody and their uncle fell for Jean and her shtick annoyed the heck out of me Also, in the end, she got what she wanted, there was not even a good pay off, Jean, the main villain of the book, was not caught and punished And that annoyed the heck out of me

    20. I really enjoyed this charming little book by the prolific English writer Edgar Wallace While reading this mystery novel you can take a little journey back to the 1920s when Mr Wallace was an extremely popular writer and enjoy the vocabulary and writing style of a time gone by Yes, some of the characters seem a bit naive and a tad too innocent, but you must keep in mind this was written in 1922 I plan on finding other novels by this author.

    21. I m sorry I started on this book I kept reading, hoping it would get better but it never did The lead character, Lydia, was incredibly naive and stupid How could everyone be deceived by the villaness, Jean I do not recommend I only give it two stars because there are some exciting scenes but, overall, the end was disappointing.

    22. Did anyone else think Lydia deserved to die for being so stupid Her stupidity nearly ruined the book for me I actually wanted the bad guys to succeed Nevertheless, three who stars because this book was fun, I loved so much of it being set in the south of France, I was in suspense and Jane Briggerland is a really wonderful character A fun quick read.

    23. Old fashioned mystery, very easy to read or in my case to listen to audio book version Great book to pass the time but I don t think that I will remember it for long It is well written and the story is decent but I would say that there is nothing special about it.

    24. This is the first e book I have read cover to cover It was a mindless, formulaic silly mystery with stock characters and a ludicrously implausible plot Fun, easy, mindless and not worth recommending except for being an early mystery and social study

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