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Sparky! By Jenny Offill Chris Appelhans Sparky The ingenious author of Things I m Not Allowed to Do Any and a brilliant illustrator and production designer of the Coraline movie have created a hilarious touching picture book perfect for young
  • Title: Sparky!
  • Author: Jenny Offill Chris Appelhans
  • ISBN: 9780375870231
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sparky! By Jenny Offill Chris Appelhans The ingenious author of 17 Things I m Not Allowed to Do Any and a brilliant illustrator and production designer of the Coraline movie have created a hilarious, touching picture book perfect for young animal lovers Like the Caldecott Medal winning Officer Buckle and Gloria, Sparky stars a pet who has to offer than meets the eye When our narrator orders a sloth thThe ingenious author of 17 Things I m Not Allowed to Do Any and a brilliant illustrator and production designer of the Coraline movie have created a hilarious, touching picture book perfect for young animal lovers Like the Caldecott Medal winning Officer Buckle and Gloria, Sparky stars a pet who has to offer than meets the eye When our narrator orders a sloth through the mail, the creature that arrives isn t good at tricks or hide and seek or much of anything Still, there s something about Sparky that is irresistible.Winner of the Charlotte Zolotow Award
    Sparky! By Jenny Offill Chris Appelhans
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      305 Jenny Offill Chris Appelhans
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      Jenny Offill is an American author born in Massachusetts Her first novel Last Things was published in 1999 was a New York Times Notable book and a finalist for the L.A Times First Book Award.She is also the co editor with Elissa Schappell of two anthologies of essays and the author of several children s books She teaches in the MFA programs at Brooklyn College, Columbia University and Queens University.


    1. MORE SLOTH MANIA this is an adorable book about a little girl who wants a pet her mother tells her You can have any pet you want as long as it doesn t need to be walked or bathed or fed so she gets a sloth in the mail and while sparky the sloth is very adorable and huggable with his flat nose and monkey face he s not the most playful petr the most obedientwhich is a problem because she has already boasted to the bratty and scoffing mary potts that sparky s a GREAT pet, and she s going to prove i [...]

    2. Rating, 4.5 All kinds of sweet Just what I needed.A young girl our narrator begs her mom to let her have a pet Maybe a bird or a bunny or a trained seal Anything Mom doesn t deem her responsible enough and says no to the bird, no to the bunny and of course No, no, no to the trained seal but the girl persist and finally gets the green light to get a pet on the condition that it doesn t need to be walked or bathed or fed Piece of cake The girl does some research at the library and finds a perfect [...]

    3. The unnamed narrator really wants a pet, a bird or a bunny or a trained seal Unfortunately, her mother says no to all those options, and after a lot of nagging, agrees to a pet who doesn t need to be walked or bathed or fed When our narrator goes to the LIBRARY, she finds this Et voil Her sloth arrives by Express Mail She names the sloth Sparky of course and as you can imagine, much excitement ensues Here is just a small taste of the adventures she has with her sloth But then, over achiever, bra [...]

    4. A darling picture book about a little girl who is desperate for a pet I asked my mother every day for a month, until she finally said, You can have any pet you want as long as it doesn t need to be walked or bathed or fed My sloth arrived by Express Mail He was about the size of a mediumish dog, with a flat nose and a monkey face My mother wasn t happy, but a promise is a promise Sparky may not do very much, and certainly not very quickly, but he s a good pet in his own way I probably would neve [...]

    5. PET SLOTH A little girl keeps begging her mother for a pet Her mother s pet requirements are simple it mustn t need to be walked, or bathed, or fed.The library holds the answer Soon the little girl gets her new pet sloth, Sparky, in the mail.Admittedly, Sparky isn t the most active of petsBut in the end Sparky turns out to be the best pet

    6. The sloth is not a noble animal Few people spend time contemplating their heroic qualities and distinguished countenances Had I an Oxford English Dictionary on hand I d be mighty interested to learn whether or not the term sloth as in a habitual disinclination to exertion was inspired by the tropical, slow moving animal or if it was the other way around Perhaps it is because of this that we don t see them starring in too many picture books for kids Sure you ll get the occasional Lost Sloth by J [...]

    7. Love Love the sloth Love the slow Love the inevitable A sloth is true to its nature It is nothing but a sloth This book is so absolutely charming And wonderfully slow yes, like a sloth There are giggle worthy images like the sloth in a box having just arrived by Express Mail Or when we see that Sparky the sloth can win at a game if it is Statue where you need to stand very still It is about our desires and vulnerabilities Why else post a sign about a Trained Sloth Extravaganza where you plan to [...]

    8. Our narrator, a young girl, has been trying to get a pet for a long time Mom always says no But when Mom makes the mistake of promising that if she can find a pet that doesn t have to be fed or walked or bathed, a sloth is ordered on the sly Sparky isn t good at hide and seek or any of the other games they play together well, except statues he s outstanding at statues He doesn t do anything but 1 sleep, and 2 never move Kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Cody Kimmel s My Penguin Osbert in that the [...]

    9. Our narrator of this adorable tale wants a pet than anything in the world, and the only pet that meets her mother s qualifications is the sloth After she has Sparky mailed to her, she just wants people to love him as much as she does Thus she makes several failed attempts at teaching Sparky tricks where he makes the same face I always made in gym class Eventually our narrator realizes that it doesn t matter if people find Sparky impressive, because she loves him and that s all that matters.

    10. ATTENTION SLOTH ENTHUSIASTS Sparky is a story delightfully told The words alone make it a treasure, but the illustrations make it an adorable masterpiece I absolutely love this funny, quiet, and sweet picture book.

    11. 3.5I thought this book was going somewhere, but then it just kind of ended It was cute, but I m a little confused by the lack of a story arc.

    12. A very cute story Basically all the reasons why sloths don t make very good pets, or maybe the most perfect pet ever.

    13. Sparky is written in the first person, thus I do not have a name for the little girl, but she wants a pet Her mother is not fond of the idea at all, but listens to her daughter giving various options for what this pet could be Mom turns her down again and again, but, finally, gives in, only to list some serious stipulations You can have any pet you want as long as it doesn t need to be walked or bathed or fed Right , I say out loud while reading this delightful book in the bookstore The girl goe [...]

    14. Sparky is a sloth A pet sloth And sloths don t know how to fetch Or roll over But they sure know how to play dead What s an eager pet owner to do An endearing girl wants a pet So she asks the school librarian who knows everything for help doing research, and then orders a sloth by Express Mail She named him Sparky, and he didn t wake up for 2 whole days Sparky sleeps, and blinks owlishly, and watches his owner, and that s about it The girl must come to accept that Sparky isn t going to perform o [...]

    15. I m surprised that all of the animal cruelty con, not pro haven t come out in droves against this book After all, this is from the author who wrote one of my personal favorites, 17 Things I m Not Allowed To Do Any, which seriously scandalized many parents psst get over yourselves In this book, a girl orders a pet sloth in the mail I can just see people clutching their pearls and talking about the unsuitability of sloths for pets and how we should just leave them alone and WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN [...]

    16. This is the kind of pet I could handle I barely have to take care of it it wouldn t need to rely on me, which would be great since my schedule is so crazy and I m rarely home And I have seen a sloth up close It was adorable Then after the cute sloth book I read a few months ago I believe I m a bit of a sloth fan So this book just got to me And the illustrations were so cute Loved the little asides It might go over my ST kids heads, but I think I still want to try it.2 11 15 I tried it It was my [...]

    17. I read this to my children, then asked them their thoughts on the book They had the same thoughts as me, super glad we didn t purchase it library read Although the illustrations are cute, the entire book was a fail lesson for children First, the mother she was such a sad character She was mean, telling her daughter she could have any pet she wanted as long as it didn t need to be walked, feed, or bathed Really than that would be a no Then the girl buys a sloth in a box During her time of taking [...]

    18. This was one of those 2015 Caldecott contenders I had had no interest in picking up for the longest time, because 1 How could reading about a sloth be all that exciting, 2 Why would I want to read a book with the title Sparky , 3 I honestly found the cover illustration both bland and dull Well, I read it and now I like it The story is actually interesting in a quiet sort of way, and although the idea of getting an unusual pet is not all that original per se, I thought the storyline managed to ca [...]

    19. What am I missing here Don t get me wrong I absolutely love the illustrations, but when I read the last sentence I could only shake my head and think, So, was she happy Sad What I just didn t get this book sigh Yes, she got her wish to get a pet Good Yes, her parent kept her word and was supportive throughout the ENTIRE book Bloody amazing in this day and age Yes, her pet was unusual Okey dokey All righty, she stood up for herself and her pet and did so with creativity.BUT in the end, you just [...]

    20. Sparky by Jenny Offill, illustrated by Chris AppelhansSchwartz Wade Books, 2014Recommended for all After seeing this book shared on Carrie s blog I just had to read it for myself Immediately after reading through it I knew something else, my 4th graders were going to love this story Just look at that little sloth on the coverd his name Sparky How can anyone resist I love the quick thinking, feisty little girl that gets around her mother s stipulations on which pet she can have long as it doesn t [...]

    21. BEST BOOK EVER.Okay, okay That s probably not fair to a ton of other books but this was really, really cute and fun even for old people to read.I was totally that kid that wanted all the pets and kept getting a no from my mother Too bad I didn t think to ask a librarian In this story, the main character is on a quest to find a pet that doesn t bark, have to take walks, or, really, do much else Her friendly neighborhood librarian recommends getting a sloth If you like sloths, silly pet stories, a [...]

    22. This is a sweet story about a girl who needs a pet that doesn t have to be walked or bathed or fed, so she gets a pet sloth because they sleep 16 hours a day and rarely move Sparky the sloth is cute and has a nice coat, but he doesn t perform tricks or play fetch or do any of the things that impress one s friends and neighbors What will the girl do I loved the illustrations in this book and the story is so cute The girl tries everything to get her sloth to perform without success The way she ult [...]

    23. Another one for the sloth set Sloths are really having their moment The little girl wants a pet, but mom insists it must be low maintenance Enter the sloth Very slowly The illustrations are soft, dreamy, retro looking watercolors which make the people all seem slightly rodent like in a cute way due to very pink ears and noses The story is cute, but I m not sure what readers are meant to take away from it.

    24. I love this book so much it is now on my wish to buy list The words and watercolor illustrations are a spellbinding combination I shared it with a co worker at our Library and she read it out loud with me It was a very moving experience that I wish to repeat again and again with the young and the young at heart in my life.

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