The Love of Stones #2020

The Love of Stones By Tobias Hill The Love of Stones Burrowing through the goldsmiths quarters and hidden archives of London Tokyo and Istanbul Katharine Sterne is on the trail of a ruby diamond and pearl brooch once worn by Queen Elizabeth I Inter
  • Title: The Love of Stones
  • Author: Tobias Hill
  • ISBN: 9780312311315
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Love of Stones By Tobias Hill Burrowing through the goldsmiths quarters and hidden archives of London, Tokyo, and Istanbul, Katharine Sterne is on the trail of a ruby, diamond, and pearl brooch once worn by Queen Elizabeth I Interwoven with the tale of her hunt is that of a pair of Iraqi Jewish brothers who traveled to London two hundred years earlier with fortunes made from an unearthed jar of priceBurrowing through the goldsmiths quarters and hidden archives of London, Tokyo, and Istanbul, Katharine Sterne is on the trail of a ruby, diamond, and pearl brooch once worn by Queen Elizabeth I Interwoven with the tale of her hunt is that of a pair of Iraqi Jewish brothers who traveled to London two hundred years earlier with fortunes made from an unearthed jar of priceless stones Spanning two continents and six centuries, Tobias Hill s The Love of Stones follows three very different people, each consumed by the same desire possession of the legendary jewel which binds their stories together in an irresistible quest.
    The Love of Stones By Tobias Hill
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      308 Tobias Hill
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    1. Tobias Hill

      Tobias Hill born London, England, 30 March 1970 is an award winning British poet, essayist, writer of short stories and novelist.Tobias Hill was born in Kentish Town, north London, to parents of German Jewish and English extraction his maternal grandfather was the brother of Gottfried Bermann, confidant of Thomas Mann and, as owner of S Fischer Verlag, German literature s leading publisher in exile during the Second World War 1 Hill was educated at Hampstead School, a comprehensive institution, and Sussex University He lives in Cricklewood, north London.Hill first came to attention in the 1990s as a poet and author of short stories, with early work appearing in magazines such as The Frog Papers he has since become established as a novelist As a poet Hill has published four collections,Year of the Dog 1995 , Midnight in the City of Clocks 1996 , influenced by his experience of life in Japan, Zoo 1998 and Nocturne in Chrome Sunset Yellow 2006 the last of these was described by The Guardian as A vital, luminous collection is rare to come across a collection of poetry that you know with certainty you will still be reading years from now, but for me, this is such a book 2 Hill s only collection of short stories, Skin 1997 , was serialized on BBC Radio 4, was shortlisted for the 1998 John Llewellyn Rhys Mail on Sunday Prize, and won the International PEN Macmillan Silver Pen Award.From


    1. One of my very favorite novels Different characters intertwined in the story of a broach, being sought by an obsessed woman who serves as the center of the novel.Historical and psychological An intricate page turner.

    2. I think the reviewers who have rated this book low were disappointed because they didn t get what they expected a fast paced thriller Tobias Hill was trained as a poet THE LOVE OF STONES must be read slowly, like an epic poem It s true the protagonist is somewhat distant from the reader, but that s because she s an abstraction the true protagonists in this story are the stones themselves.If you re looking for a page turner in the style of Dan Brown or Tom Clancy, you re looking in the wrong plac [...]

    3. Es sind drei Br der, die die Hauptrolle in dem Roman Die Spur der Rubine des englischen Autors Tobias Hill spielen C Bertelsmann Verlag Der Roman ist im Original bereits 2001 erschienen, liegt aber erst jetzt in der deutschen bersetzung von Karl Heinz Ebnet vor Bei den drei Br dern handelt es sich aber nicht um Geschwister, sondern um drei Rubine von au ergew hnlicher Sch nheit, die in einem Schmuckst ck verarbeitet waren, das sich urspr nglich im Besitz der englischen K nigin Elisabeth I befand [...]

    4. I expected , lyrically, from an established poetwhat I got was an excellent sense of place from the descriptive settings, a choppy plot that doesn t quite knit together fluidly and characters about whom I remain lukewarm Some of the situations seem a bit contrived, as wellbut the story, rather the themes, have stuck with me after two years, so I can t complain that it was an overall bad book Definately not good, though.

    5. A strange a fascinating story of obsession In her search for the Three Brethren, Katharine Sterne will stop at nothing, setting aside family, relationships and even her own health A century earlier two brothers, Iraqi Jews, acquire it without knowing what it is Their journey and lives intertwine with Sterne s as she scours the globe and discovers that she is not alone.I found this book thoroughly engaging from start to finish, and was deeply impressed with Hill s storytelling skill.

    6. 3.5Complex, haunting, understated epic of one woman s obsession.I need to think about this novel and may upgrade my rating The prose and plotting are so dense and multi layered that it is a book that requires enormous attention and reflection in order to properly absorb.

    7. I really loved this book I would read it again The author writes poetry in addition to novels, so maybe I ll read one of those first

    8. In many ways, this novel reminded me a bit of the piece of jewelry that the plot hinges on, it is superficially beautiful, stunning at times, but it is cold, hard, unreal and far removed from any natural setting that birthed it.The prose certainly reflects the author s skills as a poet It s very beautiful and masterfully done, but the plot hinges on a series of multiple far fetched coincidental occurrences, and the characters are portrayed in such a obfuscated and detached ways that it s near im [...]

    9. Previous reviewers have commented on Hill s intelligent writing and use of language While I did agree that he was quite crafty in his word usage, I found it tedious for a plot that was altogether disappointing Plus, our main character Katherine, on the quest to find the legendary Three Brethren, is shallow and unsympathetic Her wayward search seems unfounded and unnecessarily tedious The only part I remotely enjoyed was her stay with the reclusive German pearl collector, whose quirks were funny [...]

    10. I m finally done with it A word of advice DO NOT read this in paperback written in really, really small letters like I did It ruins the whole reading experience and takes ages to get through.Now to the content of the book I liked it but not that much A very interesting thing is Katharine, the obsessed main character, she makes the story worth reading I liked her chapters than the ones about the brothers Salman and Daniel Don t know why Maybe because she was a intriguing character I liked the e [...]

    11. This is not a brilliant book, or even a particularly intelligent one But it is a fantastic story, and it is told in gripping, labyrinthine detail The web of characters is well constructed and subtly recurrent, with hints of reincarnation or, maybe pertinently, the folding back of lives drawn together by similar passions or goals Katharine and Salman are one and the same, and the gentle nudges to the reader to notice while occasionally obvious aren t irritating Katharine herself is a fascinating [...]

    12. The rivers shifted in their sleep 55 It was both a concept and a word of advice It meant that anyone you meet may be the most important person in your life Therefore, that every stranger should be treated as a friend, Loved before it is too late You never know he said in which night your ship is passing 134 The feel of obsession like a reservoir of love gone sour 159 Instead he began to feel an impending doom, a sense of loss lone before he had lost anything 221

    13. I adore Tobias Hill and his writing style He s so refreshing and daring This book was intriguing and just crazy at times I love how he takes the different cultures and times and weaves them together All for the love of stones People might think that what she does is absurd but I disagree Some people fall so passionately over shiny rocks they re willing to kill if they have to just to own one.As we actually see in the pages of this book.My hope for this is that it becomes a literary classic in th [...]

    14. This my second time round with this interesting book I first read it when it originally came out and it lingered with me, so much so that I was moved to read it again, something that I almost never do with books It is not an easy read really, but an absorbing one I love the Levy characters in particular and, of course, the main protagonists the stones themselves.

    15. This book was beautifully written poetically written The story was captivating It read a little slow for me, but that was in part due to the language of the author, which I totally loved So, it was worth the slower read I loved the ending and how both stories being told came together in the end.

    16. An all time favorite Magical story telling, with riveting intriguing sub plots, as the fabulous stones move through history Sophisticated, beautiful, memorable The stones and the story, both A forever read.

    17. A bit under 4 stars really but I enjoyed it immensely once I got going it felt overlong in places but the language was lovely and people came to life The evocation of Victorian London, I felt, was very well done.

    18. I like histories that span generations and that involve aspects of Jewish history of which I am unaware Here, the structure of the book was disjointed and the writing uninspired I m not sorry I read this book but it s not one I can recommend.

    19. I really enjoyed this book right up until the final chapter, when it became a love story.I m not averse to a love story, but I don t think this one needed it.Really enjoyed following the stones through the ages, and learned about stones, books and istanbul along the way.

    20. books i love i go back buy a hardback copy, stick it on a shelf wait i may or may not read it again but i want it anyway i have bought at least 3 copies of this given it as a gift tremendous story

    21. Some really beautiful writing and a compelling story but the book suffers from a feeling that it wants, but fails, to be plot driven Not sorry I read it, but it hasn t earned a permanent spot in my bookshelves.

    22. Intriguing, but hard to follow the history of the subject jewel at times Beautiful language kept me reading, although I found the main contemporary character hard to like The author writes better from the male point of view than from the female.

    23. I have not listed and books on my shelf hat i have read years and years ago except this one.Because even after years i still find myself waking after a perfect sleep to images and lines from this fantastic book.

    24. The plot is fresh and intriguing, but the author s immaturity when writing the unnecesary sex scenes, particularly choice of language, ruins it Very rushed and contrived ending.

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