The Far Time Incident #2020

The Far Time Incident By Neve Maslakovic The Far Time Incident When a professor s time travel lab is the scene of a deadly accident the academic world and the future of St Sunniva University get thrown into upheaval As assistant to the dean of science Julia Ols
  • Title: The Far Time Incident
  • Author: Neve Maslakovic
  • ISBN: 9781611099096
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Far Time Incident By Neve Maslakovic When a professor s time travel lab is the scene of a deadly accident, the academic world and the future of St Sunniva University get thrown into upheaval As assistant to the dean of science, Julia Olsen is assigned to help Campus Security Chief Nate Kirkland examine this rare mishap then make it quietly go away But when the investigation points toward murder, Julia and CWhen a professor s time travel lab is the scene of a deadly accident, the academic world and the future of St Sunniva University get thrown into upheaval As assistant to the dean of science, Julia Olsen is assigned to help Campus Security Chief Nate Kirkland examine this rare mishap then make it quietly go away But when the investigation points toward murder, Julia and Chief Kirkland find themselves caught in a deadly cover up, one that strands them in ancient Pompeii on the eve of the eruption of the world s most infamous volcano With the help of their companions a Shakespearean scholar and two grad students Julia and the chief must outwit history itself and expose the school s saboteur before it s too late.The Far Time Incident is a smart, richly inventive novel that skillfully weaves together mystery, history, and science to create a mesmerizing and addictive read.
    The Far Time Incident By Neve Maslakovic
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      Neve Maslakovic s life journey took her from Belgrade, Serbia to a PhD at Stanford University s STAR Lab to her dream job as a writer Booklist called her debut novel, Regarding Ducks and Universes, Inventive a delight Neve writes quirky fiction usually with a mystery twist set in universes almost like our own, a past that can be time traveled to, a near future city She lives with her husband and son south of the Twin Cities, where she admits to enjoying the winters She is currently hard at work on her fifth novel.Find out at nevemaslakovic


    1. As an administrative assistant, Julia Olsen is used to handling student crises and hysterics with equanimity However, when a graduate student rushes into her room and tells her that one of the professors has been scattered across time, Julia knows that this isn t a situation that can be solved with a jar of cookies and a little diplomacy Two professors at Julia s university have invented the first time travel machine, bringing fame and possible fortune to the Time Travel Engineering department o [...]

    2. When Dr Xavier Mooney disappears from the Time Travel Engineering TTE laboratory at St Sunniva University, the only conclusion that the faculty and staff can reach is that he is dead, spread across time in a tragic malfunction of the STEWie Space Time Warper generator With the future of the University s time travel research and its corresponding funding uncertain, Julia Olsen, the assistant to the Dean of Science, is order to closely monitor the investigation conducted by campus security Chief N [...]

    3. I decided to read this book as I had won an advanced copy for the second book in the series, The Runestone Incident When I first started reading the book, I was thrown off by the first point of view speech The majority of the books I tend to read have some type of narration with multiple main characters and points of view It took me a while to adjust to just hearing one person s account of what was happening but I ended up liking it It would have been difficult to develop multiple characters in [...]

    4. When a time travel mishap threatens big donor contributions and a possible Nobel Prize for two professors at a small college in Minnesota, diligent, list loving Julia Olsen, the assistant to the dean, is told by her boss to assist in the investigation Though time travel is possible there are some interesting limitations because History is like some kind of law of physics or force of nature, circumscribing the movements and actions of time travelers so no significant changes can be made to the pa [...]

    5. I actually really liked this one combines TIME TRAVEL with science something akin to Connie Willis though of course not all that alike and MYSTERY, so it s ideal for my sensibilities I ve got to say, though, the very last paragraph was bizarre After everything else that happened, I did not expect it to end so bizarrely and abruptly this is not to say any major and truly important plot lines are left hanging, but surely there is another book forthcoming to address that I will definitely be pickin [...]

    6. This is a time travel novel and it swept me up from the beginning Likable characters, great historical plot, and tension throughout the entire book that kept me turning the pages figuratively, since I read it on my kindle until the very end Looking forward to reading book 2 in this series when it comes out And it s clean Great mix of science, mystery, and history.

    7. You know how advertises their Kindle Owners Lending Library as one of the benefits of having a Prime account Well, I forgot to cancel my free trial in time 30 Day is apparently not the same thing as 1 Month and so I m stuck with a 100 membership for the year Wouldn t hurt the pocketbook so much if it wasn t a lump sumyway, I figured I should try and get my money s worth out of it, so I pulled up my truly massive TBR list and started searching s KOLL It took me fifteen minutes of searching before [...]

    8. The Far Time Incident by Neve Masla is a run romp through time combined with a clever whodunnit.A time travel lab on a campus is the scene of an accident and Julia Olsen is assigned to the case She s got an interest as assistant to the dean of science Campus Security Chief Nate Kirkland is also sent along Together they want this to quietly go away As part of their investigation, they take what they think will be a short jaunt back in time with a few students, but someone has something else in mi [...]

    9. What should a time travel book be History with a bit of science Or science fiction with a bit of the past Your mileage may vary, but I think Neve Maslakovic got it right with this book.The Far Time Incident takes place in a present where time travel is a reality, and focuses on a mystery that takes our group of heroes into an unexpected past I especially liked the way the author worked around the dilemma of change the past, lose your future that so many time travel books struggle with Her approa [...]

    10. This book is a genre bender, albeit in a very conservative way The basic plot is that of an academic murder mystery The Professor did it No, The secretary did it No, The Dean did it , etc The twist is that the University in question operates the world s first time travel lab Otherwise, it s set in the eigenpresent, at a fictitious Minnesota university, even if much of the action takes place about two millennia ago The book offers similarly well mannered prose, with equally well mannered characte [...]

    11. Very much enjoyed this rather quick read I suspect that if you want a scientifically sound, realistic time travel story this book may not be for you I know nothing about physics and was attracted by the murder mystery element with a hint of romance thrown in so the likelihood of any of it really happening didn t really matter to me I enjoyed it in much the same way I would enjoy a SyFy channel disaster movie.

    12. Reads like a Doctor Who episode, and not a particularly good one The characters spend over half the book thinking that one main character has been murdered when there s no evidence or logical reason to think so And although much of the book takes place in historical settings just before a catastrophe is about to happen such as the eruption of Vesuvius at Pompeii , I felt no sense of impending doom or suspense.

    13. I liked the concept of being able to travel back in time to check out the facts in an academic world It was explained pretty well, interesting setting in Minnesota in the winter It would be hard to believe people would not do it for their own gain but these professors seemed to only want to verify what they thought they knew Certainly is one way to remove rivals from the field, send them off to another time Interesting mystery to solve who sent who where and why.

    14. Personally, I thought this was an excellent time travel story the characters were interesting, plus the author has some interesting ideas on time travel The plot was interesting enough to keep me reading, and there was a mystery element to the story that kept you guessing, a who done it plot, which has an interesting twist.

    15. This time travel story has a strong female protagonist and a brilliant plot I was gripped to the end I particularly liked the authentic depiction of academic rivalries, which underpins the story And I was also impressed by the author s attention to historical detail when the murder mystery plummets through time to Pompeii.

    16. 3.5 stars.A blend of sci fi, historical fiction and whodunnit, I found this book to be a quick and highly enjoyable read Written in first person, short lists were dropped into the prose which I felt reflected the protagonist s character nicely The descriptions of the past location made it really easy to imagine what was going on, and I really liked the awesome ladies in this story.

    17. This was a fun mystery so than a sci fi novel Time travel helps give some interesting locations and great snapshots of historical fiction, but this is a who done it I liked the characters, and the situations, and a premise that keeps time paradoxes from happening Worth a read.

    18. Great time travel book Enjoyed the combination of history and sci fi tech This is one of the better time travel books I ve read Recommended.

    19. Great mystery and history combination I really liked the way that time travel was handled and the force with which History protected itself Cleverly done.

    20. This is a hybrid of a cozy campus mystery and a time travel adventure, two of my favorite subgenres It s set at a fictional university in snowy Minnesota and in doomed but sunny Pompeii The time travel rules here are rather absurd, but they are explained in an earnest academic way that quite sells them and are woven into the story effectively Probably because it is not possible to change the past, commerce and government show little interest, so the time travel is mostly used for academic pursui [...]

    21. Far Time by Neve MaslakovicA time travel novel with authentic historical research and a refreshing perspective of the character of History The characters are believable, and the whodunit is challenging.

    22. 3.5 starsSt Sunniva University is one of the first universities that offers a degree in time travel engineering They have a lab which professors and grad students can travel back in the past for research purposes When one of the founding members of the lab disappears one day, foul play is suspected and as part of the investigation, a small group including Julia Olsen, the assistant to the dean, Nate Kirkman, chief of security, the missing professor s ex wife and 2 grad students decide to try the [...]

    23. This is one of those books that you start reading, you get really interested in what happens next and then realize that you read the whole book.No spoiler alert but I will say I was caught off guard with the discovery, and upset at the same time.Which leads me to say this was a good book to read because I was actually involved in what was happening I would recommend anyone to fall into the Far Time Incident.

    24. Yeah, that was not good Amateur writing, and the first half was extremely boring Lame ending too Definitely not worth a read.

    25. Meh Couldn t get into it at all, characters were flat, story was dull Definitely NOT St Mary s If you want good time travel, go to St Mary s

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