Τα δαιμόνια #2020

Τα δαιμόνια By Andrew Davidson Δέσποινα Λάμπρου
  • Title: Τα δαιμόνια
  • Author: Andrew Davidson Δέσποινα Λάμπρου
  • ISBN: 9789606760839
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
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    Τα δαιμόνια By Andrew Davidson Δέσποινα Λάμπρου
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    1. Andrew Davidson Δέσποινα Λάμπρου

      Andrew Davidson is the author of The Gargoyle, which came out in 2008 In America, the publisher is Doubleday in Canada, the publisher is Random House in the UK, the publisher is Canongate in Australia, the publisher is Text The book was a New York Times best seller, and has been translated into thirty languages.Andrew lives in Canada, and is currently working on his next book.


    1. All history is just one man trying to take something away from another man, and usually it doesn t really belong to either of them 3 1 2 stars Very nearly 4 but the strong start peters out a little, with the second half of the book losing momentum I got to a point where I was reading just to finish.The Gargoyle s prose bursts onto the pages in a blazing sea of fire The book opens with detailed description of the accident that disfigures the unnamed narrator, with a beautiful, horrific break down [...]

    2. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally It s easy to take the low road whenever a subpar book with tremendous hype comes out, to comically trash that book not necessarily for its ludicrous elements but rather that a group of corporate executives decided to spend millions on it anyway But what if that author happens to be on your friend list at a popu [...]

    3. Posted at Shelf InflictedI m usually suspicious of over hyped books, but a friend at the library highly recommended it A short way into the story, the narrator s mom dies, his grandmother dies, he gets severely burned in a car accident, and his aunt and uncle die I felt beat over the head with all the suffering and seriously thought about giving up reading by page 50 Then Marianne Engel, a woman with a history of mental illness, shows up in the nameless narrator s hospital room telling a story a [...]

    4. I began to get an idea why the publisher paid 1.5 million for this novel the highest ever paid in Canada after the first few pages Andrew Davidson is able to tease stories out paper with his pen like his character, Marianne, is able to tease gargoyles out of stone with a chisel Through the mouth of Marianne and with images straight out of Dante s Inferno, he tells 700 years of stories of Marianne s reincarnations which have included whispering nuns, fiery arrows, callous mercenaries, deadly plag [...]

    5. Dd 11 03 2017 A one wonderful story, twisted of the plethora of entangled stories I love this book, it leaves a an incredibly warm afterfeeling to the reader Get ready to get enamoured with this fantastic tale A tale that invokes such vivid imagery that it s almost painful to read An excruciating fairy tale exploring the gossamer of tears and bliss, of fears and hopes The lore and the subconcious are entangled to create a memorable exploration of a soul s journey through eternity Dd 23 09 2017 T [...]

    6. I gave this almost 200 pages to win me over since it has been hyped so much and everyone seems to love it, but I had to give up on it and move on I thought that the writing was very good, with some vivid images, especially the early one equating the narrator s burn to the pain caused by touching a hot stove for a full minute I also, surprisingly, enjoyed some of Marianne s tales of love The problem was okay, one of the problems was that I found them to be interesting than her own story The main [...]

    7. The Gargoyle moves you to want to be in love and to NEVER want to be in love Love is suffering, love is bliss Davidson has penned a beautiful book full of love, meaning, and intelligence It s not often that a person can learn history,religion and culture in a book about love Oh and he threw in burn procedures, yes BURN procedures in a book about love, somehow it seems fitting Wait, I think I forgot to mention there are language translations too I do realize a lot of people run from anything that [...]

    8. 2 Forgive me Father for I am dumb STARS Okay, I know I said I wasn t going to write a review, but God beep it, this book left me confused, defeated feeling like a royal idiot I couldn t wait for Carla to finish because she had some splanin to do Um yeah, that conversation went something like this Yup, neither one of us understood the ending We went from riding the short bus, to pushing it There are two main plot points that didn t add up it s driving me crazy Please do not peek inside if you pl [...]

    9. This Book is Beautiful Beyond Words 5 Beautiful Grotesque stars Our Nameless HeroOur hero is wounded and almost dead He survives a horrible accident and struggles to survive My flesh began to singe as if I were a scrap of meat newly thrown onto the barbecue, and then i could hear the bubbling of my skin as the flames kissed it My skin will never work like that again, so aware of the other person that I m unsure where she ends and I begin Never again Never again will my skin be a thing that can s [...]

    10. This is a most unusual tale It is the love story of a severely burned ex porn star and a schizophrenic sculptor on it s surface Which is interesting enough both are lovably flawed fascinating characters in their on right But soon the other stories, spanning centuries, begin Each is a heartbreaking yet uplifting story of love All are told in language I can only call magical I found myself often stopping to re read sections because I wanted to savor their beauty a bit longer Reading this book felt [...]

    11. Onvan The Gargoyle Nevisande Andrew Davidson ISBN 385524943 ISBN13 9780385524940 Dar 465 Safhe Saal e Chap 2008

    12. What a book I thought okay so an odd storyline when I heard about it But my book group was saying it was so good that I thought I would give it a try and I m soooo glad that I did This book makes you glad to be a reader For me it brought stories and that love of a really really good book to life again I am about halfway through it and I keep making me put it down because I dread it ending Andrew Davidson has written a gift for the reading world His stories sweep you up and place you there and th [...]

    13. Yo dir a que entre un 3.5 y 4.Realmente la historia me ha sorprendido No esperaba de ninguna manera un protagonista tan at pico ir nico Es tan fuerte su personalidad, que, para m , a pasado por encima de la historia y se ha llevado todo el m rito.

    14. Hopeful, Yet Heart Crushing I looked out this morning and the sun was goneTurned on some music to start my dayI lost myself in a familiar songI closed my eyes and I slipped away I see my Marianne walkin away Boston, More Than a Feeling, 19754.2 stars revised shortened on 6 27 by Elizabeth Lisa, My Visualization of Marianne Engel, from novelTwo separate but related stories occur within this novel, with maybe 4 5 meta meta fables of love being told to the protagonist by his lover Marianne Engel su [...]

    15. To describe 2016 as a disaster would be an understatement Sadly, my reading year wasn t too different While I have read a couple of exceptionally good books, the rest of the year has been a bit of a dud I picked this book up with an apathetic shrug of the shoulders Hardly any of my friends had read it and I just thought it would be too weird for me Luckily for me, the year still had room for pleasant surprises.The nameless protagonist is, in his own words, a coke addled pornographer Naturally, h [...]

    16. Everyone told me I d love this book, then they all told me I SHOULD love this book I read all the blurbs about how wonderful, astounding, amazing, unbelievable it was You know, I actually wanted to like it I was looking for a good book I was hoping for an absorbing story that would draw me in, where I could sink into the story.Alas, this wasn t it I forged my way through a good part of the book, after all sometimes books start slowly and then take off This one didn t I finally skimmed my way to [...]

    17. Opening Line Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently, just like love I really liked this book and found myself absorbed in the world that Andrew Davidson has created THE GARGOYLE is a multilayered tragedy within a love story and it will affect you on many different levels horrific, sad and gruesome it is also complex, funny, thought provoking and redeeming Unfortunately any summery you read won t really do it justice THE GARGOYLE has been written in a first person narrative and althou [...]

    18. I am on a book roll this week No I do not mean that I am the filling in some sort of papery sandwich although for the really enthusiastic book lover this may have some kind of kinky appeal, paper cuts not withstanding , I mean I have been selecting books from my shelf which I have been thrilled to read, engrossed and spell bound by and this does not always happen I am constantly on the search for reading matter in Liverpool I am probably the book equivalent of an overly tall Jawa know your Star [...]

    19. Accidents ambush the unsuspecting,often violently, just like love The Gargoyle is about an unnamed man whose life isn t the best He was mistreated and abused as a child, he s addicted to drugs and he ended up being a porn star which he s very good at it but doesn t complete him.One day he s in a terrible accident and ends up in the burn ward with third degree burns all over his body.He s completely unrecognisable In the hospital he didn t get many visitors and while being on his own he started t [...]

    20. I think this waas the third or fourth time I read this book and I am happy to say, I love it even In the meantime I have read Inferno by Dante as well, which made some of the things in this book clearer or put it imto context than before.Also I loved taking my time with the book, as I knew where it would lead and didn t feel the rush of wanting to find out the ending but cherished spending time with the characters and the prose.The story touched me just as it does every time and I had to take [...]

    21. Serendipity I like that word It means luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for The Gargoyle was such a pleasant surprise I admit that I bought this book for the cover First for the beautiful tattoo on the woman s back and second for the title I figured that the flaming red heart indicated a love story and I was ready for that I read stories of vampires and wearwolfs and zombies throughout the year I was ready for a gargoyle story I couldn t quite im [...]

    22. 4.5 stars Incredible I really loved it.Probably the most unique love story I have ever read one that takes the reader through the multiple hells of Dante s Inferno while being simultaneously horrific and profoundly beautiful You have the most unlikely of heros a cynical porn star that enjoys his drugs and struggles with his faith After a tragic accident his life is completely changed once he meets a peculiar woman that tells him they have been in love for centuries It is an unforgettable story t [...]

    23. Review will follow _The Gargoyle_At first i thought this was going to be dark and awesome Well, it was awesome, but the darkness faded page by page and the i read the i enjoyed it The narrative is beautiful and i loved every single story within the story The pacing is fine too I really enjoyed reading this and i now i am curious in reading stuff from Mr Davidson.

    24. This is not just a book, it s an adventure You can tell that Davidson did not rush this book The writing is detailed and vivid but not overdone The characters jump off the page when you re reading this book, its like you re right there with them It s amazing, it s a great read, it s an experience.This book should not be underestimated, there are stories within stories and meanings within meanings and real depth The writing is excellent This book will move you emotionally and not always for the b [...]

    25. The unnamed narrator of Andrew Davidson s debut novel The Gargoyle may be beautiful to the world but internally, his life is a mess Raised as an orphan by his two meth addicted cousins and then in foster care, he s now a adult cinema star whose life is built upon looks and appearances rather than any real depth He s addicted to drugs, drinks too much and all of this leads to him to a horrific car accident in which he is horribly burned over most of his body, even going so far as to burn and rend [...]

    26. Fabulous You reader are in for a grand time Davidson is a master storyteller The reader is given a wonderful and detailed story but you must choose what you will take away as truth or fantasy Maybe it s a little bit of both The book has been placed on my favorite shelf I loved how the narrator is unnamed but he speaks to you as if he personally knows you A love story at its best with the stamp of redemption all over it Please Mr Davidson release another book quickly

    27. It took me just a few days to read this, but already I ve forgotten most of it I decided not to review it last night when I finished it because I wanted to think on it and give it a fair shot, but now I feel like it s all just a fuzzy memory Not a tell tale sign of a new favorite of mine.The premise certainly isn t original, though I m not sure that particularly matters The self absorbed hotty narrator has spent the majority of his adult life drinking, drugging, and being a porn star, but very e [...]

    28. Yes, that s exactly what love is a tiny, jittery primate with eyes that are permanently peeled open in fear 4.5Los pesares y extensos mon logos internos de La G rgola comienzan con un accidente automovil stico Ya en las primeras hojas, una estrella porno cocain mana termina brutalmente quemada un hombre ego sta, tocado por nada y conmovido por poco Esta gran desgracia la belleza perdida, la actividad estancada significa una bisagra en su vida ya que es en el hospital larga recuperaci n aguardand [...]

    29. Wowjust where do I start Honestly, I was not sure whether I was going to read this book or not I took the book home from the library 2 weeks ago, read a few gory pages and then stopped I then read that this debut author, Andrew Davidson, was given a 2 million dollar advance on this book, and I had to read it to see what all the hype was about I am so glad I did.The Gargoyle, is a story about redemption.This book is not for the faint of heart The story begins with a horrible car accident which bu [...]

    30. Grabbed this book up from the library anxious to get on with what was apparently sold for over a million by the author Shucks The calculus must be always has been about profit, not story Is this too harsh Read the book ALL first person, which is sort of ok, except this author is in and outside his own story, at times tracking it from an objective viewpoint, and at other times overly descriptive and precise about what we do not know The book sort of clumsily cuts between vignettes of previous exp [...]

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