A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery #2020

A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery By Barbara Rogan A Dangerous Fiction A Mystery A romp of a publishing mystery that introduces Jo Donovan literary agent cum detective that will delight fans of Janet Evanovich Lisa Lutz Alan Bradley and ABC s Castle Jo Donovan always manages
  • Title: A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery
  • Author: Barbara Rogan
  • ISBN: 9780670026500
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery By Barbara Rogan A romp of a publishing mystery that introduces Jo Donovan, literary agent cum detective, that will delight fans of Janet Evanovich, Lisa Lutz, Alan Bradley, and ABC s Castle Jo Donovan always manages to come out on top From the backwoods of Appalachia, she forged a hard path to life among the literati in New York City At thirty five, she s the widow of the renowned autA romp of a publishing mystery that introduces Jo Donovan, literary agent cum detective, that will delight fans of Janet Evanovich, Lisa Lutz, Alan Bradley, and ABC s Castle Jo Donovan always manages to come out on top From the backwoods of Appalachia, she forged a hard path to life among the literati in New York City At thirty five, she s the widow of the renowned author Hugo Donovan and the owner of one of the best literary agencies in town Jo is living the life she dreamed of but it s all about to fall apart When a would be client turns stalker, Jo is angry than shaken until her clients come under attack Meanwhile, a biography of Hugo Donovan is in the works and the author s digging threatens to destroy the foundations of Jo s carefully constructed life As the web of suspicion grows wider and her stalker ups the ante, she s persuaded by her client and friend FBI profiler turned bestselling thriller writer to go to the police There Jo finds herself face to face with an old flame the handsome Tommy Cullen, now NYPD detective.A Dangerous Fiction marks the welcome return of Barbara Rogan and the start of a terrific new series.
    A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery By Barbara Rogan
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      Barbara Rogan is the author of eight novels, including SUSPICION and HINDSIGHT Simon Schuster Her next novel, A DANGEROUS FICTION, is the first in a new mystery series set in the high stakes world of big publishing It will be published in July 2013 by Viking Penguin.Her books have been translated into a dozen languages, featured by the major book clubs, optioned for movie and television and issued as audio books and ebooks.Barbara has also worked extensively in publishing She started as an editor for a large New York publisher After moving to Israel, she was the founder and, for 12 years, director of the Barbara Rogan Literary Agency During that period, she served on the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Book Fair.After returning to the U.S Barbara taught fiction writing at Hofstra University and SUNY She currently teaches for Writers Digest University and in her own online school, Next Level Workshops She s a frequent lecturer on both the business and craft of writing and teaches seminars and master classes at writers conferences.


    1. Jo Donovan, widowed young and taking over a literary agency from her mentor, has made a good life She s terrific at what she does, and doesn t see many changes on the horizon One night, she is accosted by a wanna be author whose manuscript Jo s agency turned down Soon, there are attacks against her business and even her clients Suspicions are cast among the people at the agency and the police even wonder if Jo didn t have too much to gain when the attacks turn deadly.In Barbara Rogan s smashing [...]

    2. What a shame I feel as though it has been weeks since I read a good book Oh well In this book, I found the protagonist annoying she is incredibly beautiful and incredibly talented, and wealthy and beloved wow But she has had a tough life Oh dear God Anyway, I guessed the murderer really early, and while I liked the growth of the protagonist well done it just wasn t enough I don t understand why the book was so well blurbed REally Well, I don t need to read any others by Rogan.

    3. Literary agent Jo Donovan is in charge of a highly successful agency representing some great talent Widow of a talented and well regarded author, Hugo Donovan, Jo has made a name for herself and is much sought after But when a would be author begins stalking her, insisting she must read his manuscript and take him on as a client, things start to go wrong Soon, her clients are attacked, and Jo is reunited with an old flame who is now a police detective in charge of her case.A Dangerous Fiction by [...]

    4. The book kept me guessing until the end when the final twist is revealed Part of what I enjoyed about the book was the idea of story and how we create our own story often because we are afraid to face what really happened The protagonist is the young widow of a well known author She owns one of the top literary agencies in New York She believes that she had the perfect marriage She refuses to listen to anything that conflicts with the story of her marriage that she has convinced herself is true [...]

    5. I loved this book It s really an incredible read The characters are interesting and evocative, and I loved the setting She kept me guessing until the final reveal She also kept me turning pages way past my bedtime My favorite part of Rogan s writing was the way she used structure and pov Both widen as the narrative progresses It s a brilliant move that made me love the book even as I continued to read it.Is it too soon to say that I can t wait for the next one I work for Penguin but that didn t [...]

    6. This was a very fun book A different setting, and full of twists and turns I recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries, or is a writer Like the main character, the story seemed a bit shallow at first, but keep reading, and it reveals a bit complexity than initially expected I hope there will be about Jo Donovan and her literary agency Full disclosure, I received an advance copy of this book from FirstReads.

    7. Barbara Rogan showed me an entirely different life in this book The life of a writer and publisher I found it so interesting that I read very late at night to capture every sense of Jo Donovan who makes the people around her feel like she is in control even though she questions every aspect of her life even to the very end I enjoyed the book very much.

    8. I loved everything about A Dangerous Fiction the strong female protagonist, the publishing house setting, the secrets and intrigue even the cover Barbara Rogan crafts an excellent, malicious mystery and I m hoping we see in this series

    9. A Dangerous Fiction is a witty and intense mystery novel for anyone who appreciates a good story I can say that I have never read a book like this one before, it is definitely unique I liked it way than I thought I would and I am than happy to try and convince you to read it This was an incredibly fun read The main character, Jo Donovan, is a literary agent and she views everything through that literary lens, making this a delightful read, especially for readers and writers The reader gets a l [...]

    10. So good But an understated good, if that makes sense I read quite a few ARC s, so it s always great when I get to read one I enjoy so much And this one was published in July, so if you like a good mystery novel, go buy this or get it from your library.The tone of the novel harkens back to classic crime novels, i.e It was a dark and storm night, from Paul Clifford Literary Agent Jo Donovan has lead a tough life, but she s a fighter and has come out on top She runs on of the best literary agencies [...]

    11. 4.6 StarsA DANGEROUS FICTION occupies that middle ground between the formula cozy and hard hitting crime fiction a clever whodunit with great pacing, a compelling setting and memorable characters Expect a page turner.Following the death of her famous author husband, Jo Donovan inherits a literary agency and becomes the target of an escalating personal and professional smear campaign A rejected writer turn stalker is the obvious culprit, or is he When the attacks begin targeting those closest to [...]

    12. Jo Donovan is a widow who s inherited a literary agency from her late husband, an infamous philanderer and celebrated author On the surface, she s flawless intelligent, a great agent, stoic and strong but tender and emotional She s built a safe life idealizing her husband s memory, but that life is threatened by blow after blow to her reputation, personal life, employees, and clients When her best friend is murdered, she begins to seriously doubt her memories and must confront her past A mystery [...]

    13. In the well ordered world of fiction, murder and mayhem never arrive unheralded For as long as men have told tales, disaster has been foreshadowed by omens and signs But if there were portents the day my troubles began, I never saw them Successfully running a publishing firm, Jo Donovan s life seems to be coming together again after the shock of the death of her husband When a would be client starts stalking her, she starts to see ominous shadows everywhere Then someone close to her dies in susp [...]

    14. A Dangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan is a well written mystery novel about a young woman who grew up a tough orphan in the Country, having fought hard to leave the past behind, she comes through on the other side a successful literary agent with wealth some celebrities would be jealous of After the death of her husband she is forced to re examine the life she has built for herself and the very foundation of it Having no family of her own, she had grown close to many around her creating an altern [...]

    15. I received this book as a winner of a First Reads giveaway Very enjoyable novel with a fast moving plot and tons of characters to love I saw this book at my local library and the cover automatically intrigued me Then when I won the book on , it was perfect Took me about 2 days to read At some points, I couldn t even put the book down My favorite part of the book was the behind the scenes info on how publishing companies and literary agencies work I found this part absolutely fascinating This als [...]

    16. It s a joy to find a book that entertains from start to finish and this book is all of that.Jo Donovan owns a literary agency One day she s stopped on the street by a man claiming to be Sam Spade He tells her he has the best book she s read in ages and she will be overwhelmed by its excellence.He s so pushy that one of Jo s employees has to help her escape from the man s clutches.Soon after she attends a literary event and her laptop is separated from her luggage It s found but shortly thereafte [...]

    17. This was a very good book I could scarcely put it down Rogan s deft touch with characterization, particularly the heroine s character was just so spot on The plot description reads like a formula potboiler, but this book was so much than that Jo Donovan, still mourning her Nobel prize winning writer of a husband after 3 years, runs a small but high class literary agency She is at first annoyed, then disturbed, and eventually frightened by a stalker, who seems intent on ruining her life As mean [...]

    18. Fun little number with what I d guess are rookie mistakes although the woman MUST have an editor and I d say he she kind of fell down on the job LOTS of repetition of Jo s various character flaws which might strengths which might flaws, etc We get it She s one tough cooking except when she s not We also get it by about page 50 that she loved her husband dearly and saw by about page 51 that their marriage wasn t going to be quite the marriage she d thought it was Also, some instances where Jo cla [...]

    19. I happened upon A Dangerous Fiction while browsing the shelves at the library some time back Because its synopsis intrigued me, I renewed it a few times before actually picking it up to read I wish now I had picked it up much sooner en I could already be reading other books by this author A Dangerous Fiction was both thought provoking and pure entertainment The book is so aptly titled, referring to much than the jealousies and competitive nature of the literary arena How fun it was to have a pe [...]

    20. I received this book from the First reads giveaway program Thank you author publisher for allowing me the opportunity to read and review your newest book.A Dangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan is a mystery set in New York City Jo Donovan is a literary agent owner of a successful literary agency A hopeful newbie writer sends in his manuscript and doesn t get the response he hopes for Suddenly, bad things start happening to her clients in an attempt to ruin their lives and Jo s reputationI felt this [...]

    21. It s cliched to say I couldn t put it down , but that s how I felt about A Dangerous Fiction Rogan brings an insider s keen view, pulling the reader into the New York publishing milieu with all of its jealousies, intrigue, excitement and larger than life personalities At the heart of the story is a woman s need to uncover the truths about her own life, even as she s the target of malevolent foes she can t identify Danger, suspense, romance and the deep bonds of friendship A Dangerous Fiction has [...]

    22. Book Review Giveaway How could any bookaholic resist a murder mystery involving a literary agent and authors I know I couldn t so, when the publisher approached me about reviewing A Dangerous Fiction by veteran publishing insider Barbara Rogan, I jumped up and down with glee Whether or not you ve ever wondered how the mysterious world of literary agents works, this is one mystery you ll want to know about And the publisher has graciously provided a finished copy for our giveaway at popcornreads [...]

    23. Full disclosure, I received an advance copy of this book from FirstRead.I loved this book, it was a very fun and interesting mystery If you like mysteries then pick this one up and you will not be able to put down.Started off a bit slow but by the 4th chapter Jo Donovan and the rest of the characters had me wanting Wait till the end you won t believe who it is Do you hear me now Yes, I do and I never would of guessed it Perfect mystery novel.

    24. I absolutely and unreservedly loved this book It was not only a clever who dunnit but also had depth of characters and probed deeper questions about the lies we tell ourselves I enjoyed the supporting cast almost as much as the main character There were a couple of plot contrivances that were a little thin, but the writing style and literary allusions than made up for them Best book I ve read in ages I ll be seeking out by this author.

    25. Excellent.Main character Jo is the owner of a literary agency The agency s records are hacked and false emails are sent to clients in an attempt to destroy the business Then, the former owner, Molly and a client, Rowena are murdered The murderer turns out to be the secretary When she was a child, both her and her mother were evicted from her apartment when the guy married Jo This was her revenge.Good characters, good plot.

    26. Loved it Who would have thought that the literary business could be so dangerous, but it seems that writer, agent, editor mysteries are popping up The usual thoughts of papercuts fly out of your head with this one and it pulls you into a well written intrigue book that delights and entertains Thanks for the read I enjoyed it

    27. Anyone who loves to read about the book publishing world will adore this fascinating, triple bending story Full of clever dialogue and with a great look at publishing foibles, this is a winner Great writing at a very compelling pace I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that author Barbara Rogan will continue to publish

    28. A great mystery Barbara had me guessing at each chapter and reading late into the night I like Jo Donovan and seeing into the world of big publishing, literary agents, and their authors A great read if you like mystery, suspense, or if you are a writer yourself It s fun to see the other side of the publishing coin.

    29. This was a very good mystery which I kept waiting to turn bad, but the author s style is excellent I m hoping this becomes a series I d like to see Jo Tommy continue to solve crimes, plus some of the other characters staying on, especially Max.

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