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Les Belles Images By Simone de Beauvoir Les Belles Images Non elle a cri tout haut Pas Catherine Je ne permettrai pas qu on lui fasse ce qu on m a fait Qu a t on fait de moi Cette femme qui n aime personne insensible aux beaut s du monde incapable m me de
  • Title: Les Belles Images
  • Author: Simone de Beauvoir
  • ISBN: 9782070205233
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Les Belles Images By Simone de Beauvoir Non elle a cri tout haut Pas Catherine Je ne permettrai pas qu on lui fasse ce qu on m a fait Qu a t on fait de moi Cette femme qui n aime personne, insensible aux beaut s du monde, incapable m me de pleurer, cette femme que je vomis Catherine au contraire lui ouvrir les yeux tout de suite et peut tre un rayon de lumi re filtrera jusqu elle, peut tre elle Non elle a cri tout haut Pas Catherine Je ne permettrai pas qu on lui fasse ce qu on m a fait Qu a t on fait de moi Cette femme qui n aime personne, insensible aux beaut s du monde, incapable m me de pleurer, cette femme que je vomis Catherine au contraire lui ouvrir les yeux tout de suite et peut tre un rayon de lumi re filtrera jusqu elle, peut tre elle s en sortira De quoi De cette nuit De l ignorance, de l indiff rence.
    Les Belles Images By Simone de Beauvoir
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      Simone de Beauvoir

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    1. Simone de Beauvoir

      Simone de Beauvoir was a French author and philosopher She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, and social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography She is now best known for her metaphysical novels, including She Came to Stay and The Mandarins, and for her 1949 treatise The Second Sex, a detailed analysis of women s oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary feminism.


    1. Elle est jeune, riche, belle, en bonne sant elle fait ce qu elle veut quand elle veut avec qui elle veut elle a une carri re plut t int ressante sa famille l aime Elle se plaint parce qu elle ne pleure pas Au secours

    2. the book asks some really good questions about love, life and everythingit is also a little bit funny how they talk about the 90s as the distant future when there will be no pain, hunger and suffering in the world i quickly found myself smiling at de beauvoir s style of writing the jumping between what s going on in the main character s head and the narrative of the story was pretty nice although the book somehow seems unfinished to me now, i have to say i really enjoyed it

    3. Roman qui est toujours actuel Extrapole merveilleusement bien sur le fait que les gens ais s remplissent leurs vies de choses vides.Jeu d apparences.Tr s baroque.

    4. Published in 1966, this book is thoroughly modern, and the protagonist so totally relateable with her anxiety, dispair, rage and ennui It was surprisingly easy to read, and I enjoyed it immensely.

    5. Ik weet niet wat het is met mij en Franse boeken Op de een of andere manier weten ze me nooit echt te raken Waar het volgens mij aan ligt, is dat de schrijver in de eerste plaats een mening heeft, een bepaalde stellingname, en dat die door de personages in het verhaal moet worden uitgedragen Ze vervullen allemaal een voorgeschreven rol, die een aspect van de onderbouwing van de stelling van de schrijver verbeeldt.Ik kan merken dat de schrijver zich werkelijk druk maakt om de thematiek, dat die h [...]

    6. This is a fairly simple story by Simone de Beauvoir, published in 1966, some 20 years after her watershed essay Le Deuxieme Sexe translated as either The Second Sex or The Other Sex The theme has existentialist overtones, but it is presented in a gentler manner than the whomping, heavy existentialism of Beauvoir s longtime companion Jean Paul Sartre and their contemporary Albert Camus The novel involves three generations of a family in turmoil Fifty year old Dominque has left her husband of many [...]

    7. L histoire est celle de Laurence Elle est le parfait mod le de ce que nous appelons femme accomplie Une femme d une trentaine d ann e, menant une vie paisible Paris, brillante dans son m tier, mari e un architecte et m re de deux filles, Catherine et Louise Tout le long du roman, des personnages sont pr sent s, tel son mari Jean Charles, sa s ur Marthe, sa maman Dominique et son p re ne portant aucun pr nom et appel papa C est sa fille ain e, Catherine, qui est le centre de son int r t Elle com [...]

    8. It s the success of an author to be timeless.Simone de Beauvoir is a woman that has a great understanding of her times problems.Especially for women ,she is a real courage.In this book we see a woman who is not happy but pretends to be.She has everthing a good job,a good husband and amazing daughters but she needs smth which she has lost while trying to be stable.

    9. I meant to rate this book a 2 , but in the end I decided it was worth 3 Dealing with the women s status in society, de Beauvoir depicts a character as a wife, daughter, mistress, mother, friend, independent woman However, she finds herself not knowing who she really is, always comparing herself to others or to the person she used to be before all these people came into her life.

    10. This is a story of a woman called Laurence who wants to have new experiences without risking, to have an affair without losing respect and to have merits without paying its price I would call her greedy, but not for money, for recognition Laurence direct her rigorous attention and critique to her mother, sister and other female characters She easily sees and point out weaknesses of others and at the same moment cannot deal with her own frustration and loneliness This novel is short and it is goo [...]

    11. Est bien crit ce roman, Il est tr s facile lire et attrayant d s le d but Mme de Beauvoir nous montre bien son poque en soulignant la position sociale des femmes C est suprenant la similarit entre la soci t de la Turquie d aujourd hui et celle de la France dans les ann es cinquante J aime bien la relation de Laurence et Catherine Je pense que les soucis et les espoirs de Laurence pour l avenir de Catherine representent bien la rapport de l auteure pour les femmes des g n rations futures J aime b [...]

    12. Les Belles Images took awhile to get a handle on Simone de Beauvoir s writting style, but well worth the effort The perception of this novel is brilliant, exposing the corruption that lies under the surface of wealthy modern French society Although first published in 1966 the themes expressed could nestle quite comfortably into our current social fabric.

    13. Very French the clatter of enthusiasm spiced with flair and charm, but underneath the crisis of existence the emptiness It was difficult to get a handle on all the characters in the chaos of the opening pages, but I guess that is the effect de Beauvoir was going for, in order to provide a contrast for what followed I enjoyed the thoughtful, introspective narrative flow and the existential struggle I appreciated reading from an honest and unapologetic female s perspective on de Beauvoir s part, n [...]

    14. Simone de Beauvoir s Les Belles Images is about the role of women in a modernizing French society during the 1960s As a femme au foyer a housewife , Laurence the novel s narrator supposedly enjoys le privil ge of having tout sa temps all her time However, trapped in the social image of what a proper woman should be and suffocated by the confines of a patriarchal household, she eventually descends into anxiety and anorexia Although the novel is set in an era where machines are so omniprescent tha [...]

    15. J ai achet ce roman en Bruxelles en 2014 Je ne l avais pas connu auparavant et peut tre c est ne pas un roman bien connu de de Beauvoir C tait relativement facile de lire et c est pourquoi je l ai choisi dans cette p riode o je t che d am liorer mon allemande La belle chose ici et que la h ro ne a un mari et aussi m me temps un autre homme avec lequel elle fait d amour et elle ne sent pas de honte Ce n est pas comme a ici en Turquie, je dirai L pisode en Gr ce est aussi int ressante On voit notr [...]

    16. re read Les Belles Images is one of those books that delivers different insights and experiences every time it s re read Set in mid 60s Paris, it s a moving and thoughtful exploration of living with Modernity Laurence, the main character, would appear to have it all a handsome successful husband, a career in advertising, two daughters, a brand new flat in a fashionable district, weekends in the country, a discreet love affair on the side But she can t shake the feeling that none of it is real sh [...]

    17. Essentially de Beauvoir anticipating Mad Men, with ad artist protagonist Laurence seeking fulfillment in domesticity and extramarital love, upper middle class comfort and academic asceticism, yet finding none of them scratch the fundamental itch that is the alienated human condition True, this is the story told without benefit of hindsight, but even so one detects a certain scepticism towards the techno utopians blithely sure that by 1990 atomic power and artificial protein will ensure the end o [...]

    18. This book was a huge surprise for me I enjoyed it very much, if enjoy is the word at first the narration really confused me, like how she switches between first and third person narration all the time, and the first scene was somehow a bit hard to get into for me But as I got used to it, I really started to enjoy it, and even though I don t have much in common with Laurence I m not rich at all, don t have a fulfilling job yet, I hope , don t have children yet , but still I could relate to her fe [...]

    19. Como siempre en Simone est latente una cr tica que se va entreviendo en peque os detalles y en el global de la historia Por esa parte me ha gustado mucho, por otra parte me he sentido bastante p rdida hasta el final con los personajes, me ha costado situar a cada cual cada vez que aparec a Uno de los temas estrella vuelve a ser la vejez, pero en esta ocasi n introduce la insensibilidad, ese no tendr coraz n ya pero me lo tomo a pecho, a pecho , que sin duda es lo que m s me ha llegado.

    20. Ein kleines Buch was auch heute noch zutreffend ist Was hat sich ge ndert seit 1960 bis heute Vom Wesentlichen nichts.

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