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The Insult By Rupert Thomson The Insult It is a Thursday evening After work Martin Blom drives to the supermarket to buy some groceries As he walks back to his car a shot rings out When he wakes up he is blind His neurosurgeon Bruno Visser
  • Title: The Insult
  • Author: Rupert Thomson
  • ISBN: 9781408833186
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Insult By Rupert Thomson It is a Thursday evening After work Martin Blom drives to the supermarket to buy some groceries As he walks back to his car a shot rings out When he wakes up he is blind His neurosurgeon, Bruno Visser, tells him that his loss of sight is permanent and that he must expect to experience shock, depression, self pity, even suicidal thoughts before his rehabilitation is cIt is a Thursday evening After work Martin Blom drives to the supermarket to buy some groceries As he walks back to his car a shot rings out When he wakes up he is blind His neurosurgeon, Bruno Visser, tells him that his loss of sight is permanent and that he must expect to experience shock, depression, self pity, even suicidal thoughts before his rehabilitation is complete But it doesn t work out quite like that And one spring evening, while Martin is practicing in the clinic gardens with his new white cane, something miraculous happens.
    The Insult By Rupert Thomson
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      Rupert Thomson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Insult book, this is one of the most wanted Rupert Thomson author readers around the world.


    1. Absolute blindness is rare There s usually some suggestion of movement, some sense of light and shade Not in my case What I saw was depthless and impenetrableThere were no gradations in the blankness, no fluctuations of any kind It was what depression would like, I thought, if you had to externalize it.This was a spontaneous purchase for me I knew nothing about the book or its author, but decided to give him a try because I was intrigued I m very glad that I did, as it turned out to be one of th [...]

    2. I d heard such good things about Rupert Thompson I might try another book down the road, but this one was uniquely terrible, I couldn t even finish it From the unoriginal, solipsistic narrator to the meandering pace and dearth of any suspense or momentum, I couldn t help but think of the author sitting down every day and arbitrarily picking something new for his protagonist to do Today I ll have him order a pastry Today he should meet yet another person who s unexplainably friendly to him even t [...]

    3. This book was VERY interestingI read it before I started working in the eyecare field, and thought it was fascinating Reading it AFTER I got into this field gave it a whole new depth Loved it.

    4. I ve had this on my shelf for a while I was disappointed by Divided Kingdom and I hoped that this novel wouldn t further distance me from Thomson The mixed reviews on and here didn t help either, but I took the plunge and I m very glad I did Again Thomson creates a strange land that is both familiar and alien at the same time You feel like you recognise the place, but somehow it seems unfriendly than anywhere you ve actually been.Within these he sets two stories, one of a blind man struggling t [...]

    5. This book was fascinating It starts with a man being shot and losing his sight Except maybe he can see after all but only at night The entire book is his adventure, investigating the disappearance of a beautiful woaman, or maybe she not really beautiful and his sight is just a delusion In the middle of the book, we suddenly change narrators and drop back in time fifty years and the reader is completely confused until it all comes back together at the end, brilliantly I cant wait to read by this [...]

    6. I bought this book due to a recommendation in a book store, and what I personally found to be a very enticing, and intriguing synopsis I found it enjoyable, but a little frustrating I can totally understand why there are so many conflicting views on this book Part one is so well written it continues to make you turn the pages, even with what appears to be a lack of substantial storyline Once the narration changes in part two this is where at times, you have to have a little patience to persist I [...]

    7. Rupert Thomson is an extremely talented writer whose subject matter has a tendency to lean toward the subculture sexual deviancy side of things If I m to judge him by The Insult , which is only the second book of his I ve read so far, he also likes to play around with shifting points of view, something that pays off in the end in this case , but I still find it jarring and it almost lead to my not finishing the novel.

    8. Read for 2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge A book from a celebrity book club Apparently this novel is among David Bowie s 100 favourite novels, so I guess it counts tbh, couldn t find another category to fit this in lol.I don t even know where to start perhaps with saying that this is one of the strangest novels I ve ever read There s no exact time or place reference, but I d place it somewhere in Eastern Europe, maybe in the 80s 90s Anyway, the book starts with the accident of Martin Blom who bec [...]

    9. Well, I really did think the book was pretty different from the conventional books I usually read, so I ll give it that it s extremely unique I really liked how Thomson described the world from the man s perspective Then going into the other perspective Edith was pretty unusual, the life of a female in a male orientated house Incest here That was pretty odd I really like how twisted and insane the whole thing was Mazey s life was also odd to read as well it was uncomfortable but in a good way I [...]

    10. Wonderfully skilled writer, drawing on sources from parts of Central Europe close to my heart, but the book was fantastically overlong If there ever was an example of a short story or novella drawn out to chunky paperback scale, this is it Not sure why, the central idea is wonderful, the characters fresh, the plot development keen But you find yourself skipping lines, paragraphs, pages, and then feeling disappointed when the gaps fill themselves without any need of the writer s pen Recommended, [...]

    11. Amateurish, naive, unconvincing, disjointed, dull first half of the book The writing just filled me with anger and disappointment eg a retired knife thrower carries around a set of knives with him, yeh right, just like a chef always has a spatula in their top pocket The second half was thrilling in content and style and earned it another star rating but it felt like two different books with much of half one just existing to be utterly ridiculous and devoid of meaning.

    12. One of the weirdest books I have ever read surreal and at the same time very realistic, definitely original, unpredictable, disturbing, fascinating, unpredictable, sleazy, paranoid, Man gets shot in the parking lot page 1 , becomes blind but soon discovers that he can see in the dark, then his odyssey starts very good but probably not for everybody

    13. I love the concept of this We begin with a bang literally as the protagonist is the victim of a random shooting in a car park We re told that the bullet has damaged his optic nerve and that he ll never see again, and we follow him to a hospital for tests and treatment But pretty soon, he s sure he can see And there his adventures begin I won t say any for fear of spoiling the story, but I thought this was an inspired idea We have the description of the world as imagined from the sounds and smel [...]

    14. Even if I could give zero stars, I d allow this a one because despite having now given up on it, I did find it very readable to start with There were some genuinely novel descriptions of things which marked this as excellent writing But, oh dear, the plot Is there any There are no signposts as to where this story is going and my attention span is way too short these days to continue on this journey He s blind He appears to be able to see in the dark, however So

    15. WHAT IF by a whim of fate we lose vision And what if, after having adjusted to a our new flawed life, we recover it again but in an unexpected way This is the core of the story that The Insult tells, and is as fascinating as it sounds.I read this book through the recommendation of a friend thanks again, Maciek and one month after reading it I m still affected by the originality of the story and the delicacy of its prose Some of my favorite passages Loots was a man of many talents, and some of th [...]

    16. The premise is intriguing Martin Blom is shot in the head in an act of random violence and consequently goes blind His doctor insists that he is in denial and suffering from Anton s Syndrome whereas Blom sees perfectly well at night He doesn t feel suicidal, not even depressed, in fact he is brimming with optimism and can t wait to start life afresh from the moment of his attack.He breaks off his relationship with his fianc e, cuts off all communication with his parents and friends and moves to [...]

    17. I stumbled across this little psychological thriller at a thrift store Something moved me to pick it up, and I m glad I did although it seems to take a kind of drastic curve toward the last third of the book, I urge you to stick with it It s fascinating The narrator is a man who has been blinded by a stray bullet lodging in his brain, damaging his occipital cortex Because of this, his eyes still perceive light, but his brain is no longer able to form an image of the outside world However, as the [...]

    18. Strange, Weird, Captivating These would be the words that would come into my mind if I was asked to describe this book This is my first Rupert Thomson and I m thoroughly impressed with his writing and the way he navigated around a very unusual plot The first part was the most innovative in terms of the plot, although the second wasn t much predictable either Innovative though it was, reading this book was a bit tiring But maybe that s the sacrifice you have to make for writing such an unusual st [...]

    19. Wow, talk about a different book This is the second book of Rupert Thomson I have read, I have the first book 5 stars because I just loved it I enjoyed this book, he really has a style of his own which is very refreshing to find, however this book was just not the type of book I enjoy, therefore the 3 stars far as being well written he gets all 5 stars again.

    20. A weird, strange, and a WTF oddly addictive compulsive read.An abstract, beautifully compelling mystery thriller.I really don t know what else to say about this without giving anything away but I was blown away by the powerful imagery constructed by this picasoesque author.Stunning

    21. Spoiler Alert One is left feeling they know what has happened, yet, there s always the possibility that they doctor, Nina, parents are wrong If you want a roller coaster for the mind This is your book.

    22. Gripping beginning but the so slow pace left me not caring I found myself skipping lines when that happens I d rather read something else.

    23. This was a creeping, slow moving kind of mystery, that makes you think it s going to be about one thing, and then ends up being about another I have read it in a couple of days yes, I m having a couple of days off work, which always helps with reading, but even so, it is a good, if rather grim read It s a dark trip, much set during the night, and a tale of how intense love can send people down very wrong paths and make them do very bad things You get to the end and it all feels a bit dark, rain [...]

    24. Sight has been taken away from Martin Blom but suddenly he can see only in the dark That s not the biggest twist of the story though His new life has suddenly been taken over by solving the disappearance of his lover This is when the story really takes its turn, through the rain drenched, neo noir roads of Thomson s storytelling A whole new story and most disturbing with a new perspective takes place It s a sinister landscape and I can see how some people are disappointed, readers are left quest [...]

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