Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries #2020

Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries By Helen Vendler Dickinson Selected Poems and Commentaries Seamus Heaney Denis Donoghue William Pritchard Marilyn Butler Harold Bloom and many others have praised Helen Vendler as one of the most attentive readers of poetry Here Vendler turns her illumi
  • Title: Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries
  • Author: Helen Vendler
  • ISBN: 9780674066380
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries By Helen Vendler Seamus Heaney, Denis Donoghue, William Pritchard, Marilyn Butler, Harold Bloom, and many others have praised Helen Vendler as one of the most attentive readers of poetry Here, Vendler turns her illuminating skills as a critic to 150 selected poems of Emily Dickinson As she did in The Art of Shakespeare s Sonnets, she serves as an incomparable guide, considering both stSeamus Heaney, Denis Donoghue, William Pritchard, Marilyn Butler, Harold Bloom, and many others have praised Helen Vendler as one of the most attentive readers of poetry Here, Vendler turns her illuminating skills as a critic to 150 selected poems of Emily Dickinson As she did in The Art of Shakespeare s Sonnets, she serves as an incomparable guide, considering both stylistic and imaginative features of the poems.In selecting these poems for commentary Vendler chooses to exhibit many aspects of Dickinson s work as a poet, from her first person poems to the poems of grand abstraction, from her ecstatic verses to her unparalleled depictions of emotional numbness, from her comic anecdotes to her painful poems of aftermath Included here are many expected favorites as well as complex and less often anthologized poems Taken together, Vendler s selection reveals Emily Dickinson s development as a poet, her astonishing range, and her revelation of what Wordsworth called the history and science of feeling In accompanying commentaries Vendler offers a deeper acquaintance with Dickinson the writer, the inventive conceiver and linguistic shaper of her perennial themes All of Dickinson s preoccupations death, religion, love, the natural world, the nature of thought are explored here in detail, but Vendler always takes care to emphasize the poet s startling imagination and the ingenuity of her linguistic invention Whether exploring less familiar poems or favorites we thought we knew, Vendler reveals Dickinson as a master of a revolutionary verse language of immediacy and power Dickinson Selected Poems and Commentaries will be an indispensable reference work for students of Dickinson and readers of lyric poetry.
    Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries By Helen Vendler
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      Helen Vendler Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Vendler author readers around the world.


    1. Dickenson is my idea of the perfect poet She is a religious sceptic, but she is not dismissive of a possible truth in religion Her poetry dances between opposing ideas and it doesn t suggest truth in either of them thus, it is open to interpretation and debate It can be read in different ways and through this it is profound, powerful and utterly beautiful I love her unique style, and this book helped me to see other themes within her work The commentaries are short and superb My only complaint i [...]

    2. I read this book like a devotional a poem or two plus attendant commentary, every day, for months It was the perfect way to start a day Tea plus Emily Dickinson plus a thoughtful scholar s commentary I felt like Vendler kind of taught me how to read Dickinson over the course of the book At first I simply read the poem then went straight to the commentary ingested it But eventually I was pausing over each poem for several minutes thinking about it, trying to figure something out about it my react [...]

    3. In a form familiar to readers of such explicatory texts as Paglia s Break Blow Burn, Helen Vendler presents 150 Emily Dickinson poems with short, tight, analytical essays on each Unravelling the uniqueness and complexity of Dickinson s earlier works and exploring the intricacies of the anthologized poems, Vendler makes a case for Dickinson as a supreme and sometimes shocking iconoclast rivaled at times among her poetic contemporaries by Whitman but in her society, rivaled by none Vendler provid [...]

    4. For my money Helen Vendler explains poems better than any other critic She writes sensibly without any critical jargon She seems to get inside the poet s head so you see the poem for the first time I ve enjoyed her explanations of Shakespeare s sonnets and Wallace Stevens and now she has just published this beautifully produced Belknap book of commentaries on 150 of Emily Dickinson poems and it s just as good as I hoped it would be If there continue to be poems by ED you re puzzled by and how ca [...]

    5. I think this might be important criticism I think it s terrific One has to admire Helen Vendler s scholarship in discussing what is probably the essential poems of Dickinson s oeuvre In selecting 150 of them and discussing them in depth, she s provided a work that accumulatively has lots to say about what she wrote, how she wrote it, and the currents of her thought Each poem is printed in what has come to be the accepted form as Dickinson probably intended it Following each poem is Vendler s int [...]

    6. Though sometimes Professor Vendler s readings can feel a little reductive but is it even possible to try and analyze Dickinson into prose without reducing her scope and depth , she makes an effort to balance general insight, considerations of meter and form, and also biographical and comparative notes to make this selection feel as truly definitive an introduction to Dickinson as one could desire Those reading her for the first time will have a very erudite and trustworthy guide to help bring ou [...]

    7. Excellent commentaries on the selected poems by Emily Dickinson.Recommended.One additional remark on Helen Vendler s commentary on Emily Dickinson s poem My life closed twice before its close Emily Dickinson had been raised in a Calvinist family Probably she had been influenced by Calvin s predestination doctrine stating that God s grace had already been determined before her birth and will never change because God in his almightiness has settled it for once and always With the predestination do [...]

    8. Emily Dicksinson s poetry was unlike just about everything being written at the time by her famous mostly male contemporaries She distilled complexities of experience and emotion into language that truly told it slant Her verse is like Shakespeare s sonnets which are are at their most difficult because they contain deep and sometimes contradictory emotion Helen Vendler proves again to be a great companion for the reader, unpacking and guiding The best way to read this selection is to read each [...]

    9. If you love Dickinson s poetry, or are interested in approaching her poetry, then this is a must have volume Dr Vendler takes you on an intimate and in depth tour of 150 poems by Emily Dickinson Vendler invites you to view each poem as a window into the mind, soul, and heart of the Belle of Amherst and oh what a marvelous experience it is I learned so much about Dickinson, the poet and the person, as well as the technical and emotional merits of her substantial body of work I come away from Vend [...]

    10. In this beautifully arranged collection of Dickinson s poetry, Helen Vendler, offers us a glimpse in the mind of fruitful artist Emily Dickinson winds her way through the portals we live in and brings to light what we live that may just be out reach within our hearts While the commentaries are helpful, in a way it serves the reader better to grasp the message of her poetry through the lens of the individual life A collection to be savored in small bites, pondered and revisited.

    11. This volume contains 150 of Emily Dickinson s poems Eye opening commentary from Helen Vendler guides us through Dickinson s anarchist expression of an expansive variety of ideas in areas ranging from natural science to gothic eroticism Dickinson irreverently appropriates Christian imagery to describe aspects of her own personal religion Not a book to be read quickly or all at once, but one to savor slowly in wonderment.

    12. This book was a challenge to get through I love Emily Dickinson and while Vendler had some really interesting contextual insights, she also had a lot of random allusions to Wallace Stevens And took a bunch of logical leaps about religious subjects especially I m not sure were justified by the text But I do feel like it is real accomplishment that I read the whole thing.

    13. I m not a natural reader of poetry, so this helped me find a path through Dickinson s body of work It was a closer reading than I was looking for, but people who enjoy close readings of poems will appreciate the writing.

    14. Close reading, as in her magisterial Shakespeare s Sonnets, but much less fussy, never feels contrived But beware she finds every dark thought behind every line of Dickinson You will consider Dickinson much nihilistic, death obsessed, hopeless, and godless after reading this.

    15. Helen Vendler is an astute reader and a brilliant explicator of Emily Dickinson s poetry This book is essential for lovers of E.D I enjoyed the few moments that I quarreled with her ideas WOW review edit

    16. A series of Dickinson poems with a few pages of Vendler s commentary after each Sometimes tedious but a nice concept and really great for someone teaching a Dickinson seminar, or even as a reference for teaching a few days of Dickinson in high school.

    17. She is a wonderful critic who makes Dickinson s weirdness comprehensible while still allowing her to be astonishing

    18. HV is correct in suggesting having two versions of ED handy, the R.W Franklin Reading Edition and an older Hallmark version Research matters and is quite interesting.

    19. This book is essential for students or the general public who are trying to understand Emily Dickinson.

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