Hidden Fires #2020

Hidden Fires By Katharine Eliska Kimbriel Hidden Fires None
  • Title: Hidden Fires
  • Author: Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
  • ISBN: 9780446361293
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hidden Fires By Katharine Eliska Kimbriel None
    Hidden Fires By Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
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      Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

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    1. Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

      In the beginning Katharine Eliska Kimbriel was nominated for the John W Campbell Award for Best New SF Fantasy Writer Katharine s work has long straddled the line too literary to be commercial, too commercial to be literary she has a list of itinerant occupations to prove it.Published novels include the historical dark fantasies NIGHT CALLS, KINDRED RITES, and SPIRAL PATH On the science fiction side you will find FIRE SANCTUARY, FIRES OF NUALA, and HIDDEN FIRES, stand alone tales that take place on the same planet.Katharine is managed by a Burmese cat and a handful of gargoyles Her occasional hobbies have included ballroom dancing, brewing beer, antique roses, and macrobiotic and paleolithic cooking She resents having her age required for this blog and so chose her current favorite age.Go to katharineeliskakimbriel for the most recent publishing info she posts at and at her blog alfreda89vejournal which runs downhill to Facebook, Twitter, My Space and other points east She also is a founding member of Book View Cafe bookviewcafe bookstore bvc.


    1. This is the third in the Nuala series, and I m glad I read them one right after the other, which allowed me to not only make connections between characters and events, but to appreciate the growth of the author s skill If Fire Sanctuary was an initial exploration, abounding in the many layers of world and culture building, history and genealogies, characters and interstellar plots, Hidden Fires reflects both balance and focus Like Fires of Nuala, this tale focuses on Darame and Sheel, and the ma [...]

    2. 4 5 4 stars A I really enjoyed this sequel to The Fires of Nuala Darame is such an awesome heroine At first I found myself getting quite annoyed with this guy who thought he had a grievance with her But, as I read the book I began to feel sympathetic for the plight he had Kimbriel did a really good job of making the reader see and believe in the complexity of a life where people could travel great distances and spend a lot of time in cold sleep Of course, these people would then have to deal wit [...]

    3. I read this book in the newly released ebook version as a follow up to Fires of Nuala and I think that was a good idea Darame and Sheel from Fires are major characters in this book as well, but there is no infodump about the developments of the previous book, so Darame s expertise or habit of dealing with problems herself come as less of a surprise if you have read the first book.For me this was The Further Adventures of Darame and Sheel on Nuala , because as I will explain I could not like Gart [...]

    4. I first noticed this series in the late eighties and early nineties because while it had strong romantic elements driving the space opera story setting, the main character did not have a gorgeous psi feline sidekick Not that I mind gorgeous psi feline sidekicks, it s just that there seemed to be a lot of them, and the storylines tended to blend as they followed a lot of familiar story signposts It also had a complex world, highly mannered, which is always a plus for me.This novel has its dark mo [...]

    5. This one, while highly rated, didn t work for me I won this through LTER Library Thing Early Reviewers and cut short my other queue to accommodate this and read and review it as soon as I could So I gave it a try and I really wanted to appreciate it as a whole, but it didn t work for me.First up, I m not really a sci fi fan, but I liked the Nualan concepts, how the author created a convincing world of different clans, planets, powers, and other technologically advanced stuff She even made maps a [...]

    6. Hidden Fires was my introduction to the world of Nuala, and I went into this book with no idea what to expect I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the worldbuilding and political structures navigated by several interesting protagonists The prose was stylish and tight.Although realism is often a challenge with galaxy spanning SF hence the distinction between Hard SF and Space Opera much of the science in Hidden Fires feels grounded and believable, making it closer to the former than the lat [...]

    7. Did you like Pern or Darkover Then you should try Nuala There are books you read at one fast gulp, books you savor at a slower pace For me, Kimbriel s third action packed science fiction novel is both It isn t necessary to read either of the other books to understand and enjoy Hidden Fires but I d highly recommend you do Science Fiction Review

    8. Was redeemed by the end, but the clunky irrational Silver plot cost a star The Nuala plot lines were strong and enjoyable.

    9. There are books I return to every few years, books that stand out because I experience them differently every time Hidden Fires is one of those books I first read it when I was young, just discovering sci fi, and I rediscovered years later as an adult.Kimbriel is one of the best I ve ever encountered at world building Nuala is rich, diverse, and fascinating, populated with fascinating characters with passion, fire, and distinct personality Sheel and Darame remain my among my favorite characters, [...]

    10. This was a wonderful sequel to the first book and I m looking forward to the next book in the series My favorite character in this particular book was Nadine, as many of her traits and her overall appearance as described by the narrator reminded me so much of Cadsuane from WoT Excellent plot and for once in a book I could sympathize with the protagonist, that being Garth, in this instance The ending was a touch sad or you could say on the melancholy side of things, but overall, an excellent read [...]

    11. A thoroughly rollicking read The characters jump from the page and the story moves along at warp speed You will be fascinated with the inhabitants on Nuala and the in fighting among the ruling familes Think Rome during the Caesars Highly recommend this book In the tradition of Asimov and Heinlein.

    12. I read this book when it was first printed, it is on my keeper shelf along with almost all of her other books.

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