Mad Dogs #2020

Mad Dogs By James Grady Mad Dogs You gotta have guts to be nuts In a top secret asylum for former CIA agents who have lost their grip on reality five insane spies find their beloved psychiatrist dead killed by a professional assass
  • Title: Mad Dogs
  • Author: James Grady
  • ISBN: 9780765355614
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mad Dogs By James Grady You gotta have guts to be nuts In a top secret asylum for former CIA agents who have lost their grip on reality, five insane spies find their beloved psychiatrist dead, killed by a professional assassin Sensing an obvious setup, the quintet of crazies concoct an ingenious breakout from their high security institution and hit the road in search of the Enemy God help th You gotta have guts to be nuts In a top secret asylum for former CIA agents who have lost their grip on reality, five insane spies find their beloved psychiatrist dead, killed by a professional assassin Sensing an obvious setup, the quintet of crazies concoct an ingenious breakout from their high security institution and hit the road in search of the Enemy God help the populace when their meds run out Traumatized by their experiences in the CIA, they operate under somewhat skewed perceptions of reality Their training, however, has prepared them to survive in a hostile world even if that world is the Boston to Washington corridor as they chase down the assassin A rousing blend of Ken Kesey s darkly satirical masterwork One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest and Robert Ludlum s spy fiction classic The Bourne Identity, Mad Dogs is a stunning novel of political commentary and a tour de force of literary style.
    Mad Dogs By James Grady
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      James Grady

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      James Grady is a longtime author of thrillers, police procedural and espionage novels He graduated from the University of Montana School of Journalism in 1974 During college, he worked for United States Senator Lee Metcalf of Montana as an staff member.From 1974 1978 he was an investigative journalist for the famous muckraker Jack Anderson Best known as the author of Six Days of the Condor, which was adapted to film as Three Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford in 1975.James Grady has gone on to write almost a dozen novels in the thirty eight years since Six Days of the Condor was published In the past James Grady has written under the pseudonyms of James Dalton and Brit Shelby.


    1. An exciting book telling the tale of five mental patients with a difference, they are all ex CIA agents who in their line of work have seen far too much.When their psychiatrist is murdered on the hospital premises they fear that as mental patients, obviously they will be the prime suspects so they escape and go on the run as mad dogs to try and figure out who has framed them for the hit.Along the way they get another agent on their tail who they take hostage but who can they trust in the big out [...]

    2. Slipping in and out of the realms of insanity always draws my fascination The pages seemed to posses magnetic properties pulling me from within The pace of reading quicked , knuckles whited, as the beads of sweat collectively formed on my brow To continue at the current pace would be madness, it would end in a crash Maybe this book, was just special to me due to the subject matter maybe just maybe I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    3. It s been a few years since I actually read this but for reasons unknown to me, I found myself getting really mad about this yesterday probably the heat It s not that the book is particularly bad, but there are sparkles of a brilliant book here, but they get dragged down by lots of serviceable Pity, really.

    4. Unfinished Too bad, I really liked Six Days of the Condor, but despite repeated efforts, I just couldn t get past half way Just too bizarre.

    5. A 5 star idea with 2 star execution.I ve argued before and will again, no doubt that ideas aren t much of what makes a good book Every novel is a love story, or a whodunit, or a revenge story, or a survival story, or a coming of age story, or a Hero s Journey epic, or a story of great sacrifice, or one of a very few other stories Maybe the writing is good or bad Maybe the setting is Victorian England or a future asteroid colony or contemporary Kent or Connecticut or Adelaide Maybe the author has [...]

    6. Dall autore dei Sei giorni del Condor , dunque una colonna portante per il genere spy, abbiamo questo libro, che secondo me non tiene fede alle aspettative e soprattutto siamo lontani dai fasti del Condor.L idea non era affatto male, ma secondo me stata sviluppata in maniera errata, dando troppo risalto ai problemi dei protagonisti, invece di dedicare un pi di pagine all azione e alla trama, portando poi ad un finale abbastanza scontato e chiuso troppo in fretta Diciamo che parte molto bene e le [...]

    7. An interesting ride, but not told as clearly as it could have been.The premise of Mad Dogs is a winner picture an insane asylum just for spies that have been pushed beyond the breaking point There are victims of torture, people who have compromised cherished values, lost loved ones in the line of duty or have just seen things that no one should have to see.Now, imagine that 5 of these patients have a doctor that they love he pushes them, challenges them and makes progress with them And, he gets [...]

    8. Interesting storyline, great idea, attractive plot, but very bad execution This book is so confusing on where what is going on that sometimes I read 30 pages through and I have no idea what happened.

    9. Mad Dogs is an highly entertaining jaunt for two reasons 1 A great premise with interesting characters that have interwoven backstories that aptly help provide details for their present wonky behaviors 2 A whip smart writing style that casually throws smatterings of wry descriptive humour into the plotJames Grady does a masterful job easying between the serious and zany in a similar, but coherent and subdued way compared to Chuck Palahnuik s Fight Club Like Tyler Durden, our band of misfit spie [...]

    10. 5 institutionalized CIA operatives break out of the top secret asylum to find the murderer of their beloved shrink, try to avoid the teams sent to retrive them and all before they crash from lack of medication How could I pass it up This was a good read Definately rated R so beware It was a bit confusing at times since you don t know what is fantasy and what is real, but that makes it fun, too The story of each character is told through backflashes so you begin to understand what they are all t [...]

    11. Five psycho ex spies bust out of their asylum and hit the road looking for the murderer of their shrink You re not going to learn much about mental illness from this story unfortunately the author seems to think the crazy is compounded mostly of malingering, narcissism, poetic sensitivity, and free floating anxiety and I think we all know there s no cure for that combo but the story moves along to the end.

    12. Very well written a fast and entertaining read This book could become a series, but I doubt James Grady wants to do that much workLOL Anyway, if you want something out of the norm a very different plot , then this is the one for you This book will entertain rookie pro readers The book is about a group of ex spec ops CIA agents who have mental issues and are placed in a secret secure lockup After some things go wrong all 5 hit the road for fun and gamesGive the book a shot

    13. I am surprised that I really enjoyed this romp About a group of five insane CIA types who escape from their secret asylum afetr their doctor has been murdered and they have been framed They set out to use their individual skills to track down the truth Funny, fast pacedd, and thoroughly enjoyable.

    14. Surprised that I didn t love this one, since its back cover rave reviews were some of my favorite authors Overall, this may be a better movie plot than a book can t believe I wrote that

    15. When it comes to CIA secrets, for the most part we are in popcorn territory If you like the sub genre, you consume the product This is an inspired tale with so so writing.

    16. What do you do with burned out, off their rocker covert agents Well you lock them up in a top secret government looney bin of course This one reminded me of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest.

    17. ricorda McNab come impostazione la storia forse gia troppo nota ma avvincente e scorrevole un bel 7 nella speranza di una crescita dell autore

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