The Grounding of Group 6 #2020

The Grounding of Group 6 By Julian F. Thompson The Grounding of Group Coldbrook Country was the perfect boarding school expensive innovative discreet So when five entering students were told to hike a rough campsite deep in the woods as part of orientation they didn
  • Title: The Grounding of Group 6
  • Author: Julian F. Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781466360433
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Grounding of Group 6 By Julian F. Thompson Coldbrook Country was the perfect boarding school expensive, innovative, discreet So when five entering students were told to hike a rough campsite deep in the woods as part of orientation, they didn t think to ask questions.It was strange that their leader and advisor, Nat Rittenhouse, was so young And why had he been so careful to cover their tracks It wasn t until tColdbrook Country was the perfect boarding school expensive, innovative, discreet So when five entering students were told to hike a rough campsite deep in the woods as part of orientation, they didn t think to ask questions.It was strange that their leader and advisor, Nat Rittenhouse, was so young And why had he been so careful to cover their tracks It wasn t until the next morning that Marigold, Ludi, Sara, Coke, and Sully learned the impossible truth Nat had been hired by the Coldbrook Country School to make sure Group 6 never came out of the woods alive And their own parents were paying the bill.
    The Grounding of Group 6 By Julian F. Thompson
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      Julian F. Thompson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Grounding of Group 6 book, this is one of the most wanted Julian F. Thompson author readers around the world.


    1. YA was hardcore in 1983, yo I bought my original copy of The Grounding of Group Six at Barnes and Noble in Boston when I was 10 the huge one on Boylston that looked like a half melted White House, and I m not going to lie to you I bought it because of the cover.In fact, before I even get into the book itself, I m going to rhapsodize about the cover THE COVER It s one of those shady, serious YA covers from the 80s, and everyone in the group shot looks like they would CUT YOU Which is totally misl [...]

    2. This book seriously fucked me up as a kid I met the author when I was about 15, and told him so, which seems to have delighted him A creepy, inappropriately sexy, all around mindfuck of a book Awesome.I really need to own a copy of this again.

    3. This is the book I point to whenever people complain that today s YA books are OMG SO DARK AND EDGY This book about a group of kids whose parents sent them off to boarding school with the intent of having them murdered was written THIRTY years ago YA books have always had edge Ok, not always, but for than a generation I read this book at least fifty times when I was a teenager And I turned out ok, right

    4. I remember reading this book when I was around thirteen or fourteen years old and if I were to admit to any book messing me up as a child then this would be that book It s such a great read, though, and it seems to get better the I re read it and I m not one to re read books that often, Only a select few Early V.C Andrews, Bridge to Terabitha to name a few I must admit that I do not like the new cover they picked for this book The old cover, the one that showed the group standing together on th [...]

    5. I actually found this book disappointing.The basic plotline is simple five parents decide to have their kids killed for reasons that are honestly pretty skimpy The parents are pretty cold and I suppose that s part of why it s a horror, but it still comes off as bizarre than anything else They re sent to Coldbrook Country Boarding School, where as part of orientation, everyone goes on a hike Unbeknownst to them, their guide has been hired to kill them.Honestly, the parents motivations are not a [...]

    6. Lesson learned the books that you loved in high school are best left as memories This was a favorite high school book of mine that I reread because of a recent novel that reminded me of this It is so not what I remembered Character development is weak Plot is a bit off And many times it is just a bit hokey Basic story line is that there is a group of five kids who are sent to a boarding school except group 6 is the group that isn t supposed to make it to the school because their parents want the [...]

    7. This book was published in 1983 when I was 13 yrs old I remember reading it and loving it It resurfaced at the library on the discard table and I snatched it up I was a little bit tentative about rereading and concerned I would be disappointed To my delight, I was as entertained in my 40 s as I was in my teens A great read, a little dark and edgy Great plot and lots of twists and turns I highly suggest giving this a shot.

    8. It is hard to know how to rate this book I did enjoy reading it, but partly because it was so absurdly, ostentatiously, hilariously bad.Here is the premise Somewhere in Vermont is a little private school for students of the gifted yet troubled variety The atmosphere is that of a kind of hippy reform school For the most troubled students, there is a special program, Group Six These children have brought such shame and disgust to their parents, that the parents have opted to enroll in a program wh [...]

    9. Given that this book is thirty years old, I m not too surprised that there s a lot of dull portions Exposition seems to be something we re losing as the years mount Only the fact that there was death somewhere in this kept me reading.That being said, it was such a good read that, only now, after I ve finished, do I think that the baddies were awfully bumbling and rather cavalierly evil I won t say one note as their characters were fleshed out enough to make them individuals, but it s fashionable [...]

    10. I read this many years ago when I was twelve or thirteen and then passed it around to all my friends because the twist was made of awesome Someday I ll get another copy of it and do a proper review to see if it lives up to my standards now Either way though, it was a great reading experience back then.

    11. I read this when I was in high school and even though I m into my 30 s now I still think about this book now and again It was one of those weird books that stick with you when you read it at the right time Would it have the same impact on me today Probably not, I m going to assume you have to read when you re a teenager for it to affect you but either way its a good story.

    12. Loved it as much at 30 as I did at 13 The premise is shocking, yet believable Despite the seemingly dark subject matter, this book is both funny and tender without a hint of schmaltz Growing up, I read and loved all of Julian F Thompson s books but this one was my favorite Wow, I must have had some serious alienation issues.

    13. I read this in middle school It probably wasn t really age appropriate then LOL But it was awesome and a little shocking I ve always remembered this story but couldn t remember the name Just found it online and wanted to share I ll be looking for it to buy, I d like to keep it in my collection It s lot s of fun and dark.

    14. I loved this book as a kid I remember buying it at Waldenbooks at the mall and then heading to the cookie store to buy a cookie and read while my mom shopped I read it over and over think I ll have to buy the new version for my library

    15. This was my favorite book in 1989 I haven t read it in over 20 years and I m not sure I want to I have such great memories of reading it under the covers at church camp that perhaps I ll just let them be.

    16. This was a great book It s a YA novel, about five kids whose parents really, really want to get rid of them One of the things that confused me when I started reading it was that the parents attitude towards the kids seemed to be of a Gen X parent attitude But the pub date on the Kindle edition was 2011, which would make the kids Millenials When I googled it, though, the book turns out to have been originally published in 1983 So they ARE Gen X teenagers There is also a sixth main character, the [...]

    17. They all piled into the bus thinking they were headed to a new, exclusive school and a semester of proving to their parents they could do better But for those designated as Group 6, things were a little different Nat, their young looking teacher, was also their bus driver And only Nat knew that Group 6 was never supposed to return from their initial camp out Doctor had hired Nat to dispose of the kids in Group 6 In a bind for money, Nat had taken the job expecting these kids to be juvenile delin [...]

    18. I have read this book multiple times over the years, bought it again after the original copy disappeared somewhere in moves I read it as child at 9 or 10, tucked in a box of my sister s Sweet Valley High and Harlequin YA books It was not one of those.I read it again as a teen Later an adult Then an older 20 something, again now as a 30 something.So why the three star rating if it s something I return to It is arguably not a good book But it is a memorable book And it s the first book of its kind [...]

    19. Another throwback from the 80s Good summer read creepy school with creepy faculty members and some pretty spunky high school kids Dated Betamax video recorder , but still fun.

    20. The Grounding Of Group 6 by Julian F Thompson contains a weird and very uncomfortable plot Five high schoolers Coke, Sully, Marigold, Ludi, Sarah and their leader Nat are being sent to a boarding school known as Coldbrook Academy The high schoolers think that their parents had sent them there to figure out what kind of careers they will want to succeed But actually, what the high schoolers don t know is that they are heading to this so called boarding school to be forgotten Coldbrook Academy is [...]

    21. I heard about this book from a list of books for Divergent fans, by faction It was listed under Amity I had read all of the books under Abnegation Erudite, as well as most under Candor Group 6 is one of several groups of incoming students at Coldbrook Academy Like the other groups, they are sent off into the woods with a teacher to learn some survival skills and to work as a group the school s one of those progressive, hippie sort of schools where the students aren t even required to go to class [...]

    22. This feels so much like a precursor to The Hunger Games Similarities 1 Parents pretty much out of the story.2 Adults in the stories are like caricatures of humans, resemble the adults in the other story and are fine with killing children 3 The children are hunted and the plan is that all, or almost all, will die.Interesting how I thought that part of the popularity of the Hunger Games came from the outrageousness of its premise, the idea of having children in a hunt to the death, seeming so unre [...]

    23. Five sixteen year olds are dispatched to a boarding school where orientation is to begin with an Outward Bound style weekend, and end with their tidy offing Written in 1983, I thought The Grounding of Group 6 would be something of a low tech Hunger Games, but it is an antecedent to Libba Bray s darkly comic survival story, Beauty Queens The kids, each for different reasons, don t fit the mold of their parents upper strata class expectations and when a parent with means says, I could kill that k [...]

    24. This is a 3.5 star review.I read about this in Shelf Discovery The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading, and as the premise sounded absolutely fascinating, and the atmosphere like it would be similar to Singularity, I immediately added it to my to read list Last week it finally arrived from.I d say it both lived up to my expectations and it didn t The premise was indeed fascinating, and I thought Julian Thompson handled it well Sure, you d have to take a bit of a leap of faith to believe in th [...]

    25. This is an obscure book with a high concept premise a bunch of kids sent to a boarding school by their parents, where they are to be killed It s a horror book a genre I usually stray away from but I believe this has been optioned as a movie, so that drove me to pick this up.It s a weird book I ll say that up front When you hear the premise, a story comes to mind This is not that story.The characterization is done pretty well Marigold, Coke, Sully, Sara and the others are likeable, for the most p [...]

    26. After a discussion of memorable books from my teenage years, it was interesting to go back and read this 20 years later I remember loving it so much and that there is sex in it Well, I think it stood the test of time but the sex that I remember is certainly not as graphic as I remembered I think I thought it was very risque at the time though Part of what I enjoyed so much about this book originally was the cover art on the 1983 edition The reprint cover art wouldn t have contributed as much I r [...]

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