De vuurbewoners #2020

De vuurbewoners By Margaret Laurence Edith van Dijk De vuurbewoners Stacey MacAindra opgegroeid in het prairiestadje Manawaka woont met man en kinderen in Vancouver De vaart en het ritme van de grote stad vormen het decor voor haar twijfels ze is negenendertig zal
  • Title: De vuurbewoners
  • Author: Margaret Laurence Edith van Dijk
  • ISBN: 9789044510850
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • De vuurbewoners By Margaret Laurence Edith van Dijk Stacey MacAindra, opgegroeid in het prairiestadje Manawaka, woont met man en kinderen in Vancouver De vaart en het ritme van de grote stad vormen het decor voor haar twijfels ze is negenendertig, zal nooit meer dansen als de beste, nooit meer vrijen met een andere man dan haar hardwerkende echtgenoot Door het nieuws op radio en tv ziet ze de wereld in vlammen opgaan meStacey MacAindra, opgegroeid in het prairiestadje Manawaka, woont met man en kinderen in Vancouver De vaart en het ritme van de grote stad vormen het decor voor haar twijfels ze is negenendertig, zal nooit meer dansen als de beste, nooit meer vrijen met een andere man dan haar hardwerkende echtgenoot Door het nieuws op radio en tv ziet ze de wereld in vlammen opgaan mensen zijn vuurbewoners In deze uitzonderlijke roman heeft Margaret Laurence opnieuw een onvergetelijke en hedendaagse heldin neergezet slim en grappig, maar overspoeld door de verantwoordelijkheid voor haar man en kinderen staat Stacey midden in het leven, met alles wat daarbij komt kijken.
    De vuurbewoners By Margaret Laurence Edith van Dijk
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      385 Margaret Laurence Edith van Dijk
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      Margaret Laurence was born Jean Margaret Wemyss on July 18, 1926 in the prairie town of Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada Both of her parents passed away in her childhood, and Laurence was raised by her aunt and maternal grandfather.Laurence decided in childhood that she wanted to be a writer, and began writing stories in elementary school Her professional writing career began in 1943 with a job at the town newspaper, and continued in 1944 when she entered the Honours English program at Winnipeg s United College now the University of Winnipeg After graduating in 1947, she was hired as a reporter for The Winnipeg Citizen That same year, she married Jack Laurence, a civil engineer.Jack Laurence s profession took the couple to England, Somalia, and eventually Ghana, where Laurence gained an appreciation for Africa and the storytelling traditions of its peoples It was during the couple s time in Africa that their two children, Jocelyn and David, were born, and when Laurence began to work seriously on her writing Her book of essays about and translations of Somali poetry and prose was published in 1954 as A Tree for Poverty A collection of short stories, The Tomorrow Tamer, as well as a novel, This Side Jordan both focusing on African subjects were published after Laurence returned home to Canada Laurence s fiction was thereafter concerned with Canadian subjects, but she maintained her interest in African literature and in 1968 published a critical analysis of Nigerian literature, Long Drums and Cannons Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists 1952 1966 Present in her African works is a concern with the ethical dilemma of being a white colonialist living in colonial Africa.Laurence and her family returned to Canada in 1957 They moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where they stayed for five years In 1962 Laurence and her husband separated, and she moved to London, England for a year, followed by a move to a cottage in Buckinghamshire for ten years, although she visited Canada often.During this period, Laurence wrote her first works with Canadian subject matter The Stone Angel was published in 1964, and was the first of Laurence s group of Manawaka novels , so called because they each take place in the fictional prairie town of Manawaka, a community modelled after Laurence s hometown of Neepawa, Manitoba The Stone Angel was followed by A Jest of God in 1966 for which she won her first Governor General s Award, The Fire Dwellers in 1969, and A Bird in the House in 1970 Laurence received a great deal of critical and commercial acclaim in Canada, and in 1971 was honoured by being named a Companion to the Order of Canada.In the early 1970s, Laurence returned to Canada and settled in Lakefield, Ontario During this time she continued to write and held positions as writer in residence at the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, and Trent University In 1974, Laurence completed her final novel, The Diviners, for which she received the Governor General s Award and the Molson Prize The Diviners was followed by a book of essays, Heart of a Stranger, published in 1976, and several children s books Jason s Quest, The Olden Days Coat, Six Darn Cows, and The Christmas Birthday Story Her memoir, Dance on the Earth was published posthumously in 1987.Margaret Laurence committed suicide on January 5, 1987 at her home in Lakefield after learning that her recently diagnosed lung cancer was terminal She is buried in Neepawa Cemetery, a few metres away from the stone angel which inspired her novel of the same name.


    1. Better to marry than burn, St Paul said, but he didn t say what to do if you marry and burn.Meet Stacey She s mom of four, and wife of Mac, who is mainly a monosyllabic grump She s also sister of Rachel from A Jest of God, which I recently read Rachel, who is living in tiny Manawaka with her controlling, hypochondriac mother, envies Stacey and her marriage, children, and ultimately her freedom living in Vancouver In this book, we see Stacey isn t so free wheeling as her sister imagines.It hit me [...]

    2. Ladybird, ladybird,Fly away home Your house is on fire,Your children are gone.So begins The Fire Dwellers, with Stacey MacAindra, formerly of Manawaka, Manitoba, now a suburban Vancouver housewife and mother of four, nearly 40, torn between flying away and flying home dwelling in the fires there until her children need her no I read this book for the first time when my eldest daughter was first born, and although I didn t feel trapped in suburban ennui, I could recognise the truth of Stacey s s [...]

    3. I remember one particular camping trip we took as a family I don t remember how old I was probably pre teens at any rate It was after dinner and my father and brother were going fishing I wanted to go fishing with them too, but I had to stay behind and help my mother with the dishes and putting things away It was a pivotal moment in my life and I distinctly remember thinking, If this is what it means to be a woman, I don t want any part of it The fantastic Canadian author, Margaret Laurence, pai [...]

    4. I zoomed through this book It s an easy read, but highly enjoyable and engaging.The book is narrated by both the author and through the voice of the main character, Stacey MacAindra She s a 1960s housewife with 4 kids, living in the suburbs of Vancouver Her husband, Mac, is a salesman at first for an essential oils company, and then later for a bogus vitamin company called Richalife Stacey is a bit bored with being a mother, with being left alone all the time with her kids, with her uncommunicat [...]

    5. This was exceptionally well written I was superbly impressed with the skillfulness of Laurence s creation of characters and the depth of personality that she created.At the core of it, it was about the difficulty of relating to others, expressing ourselves, and the sensation of being trapped in your head Despite being in a totally different life situation from the protagonist, I found her challenges absolutely relatable and, in some ways, I felt like I understood my own mother better.I also appr [...]

    6. Though I found this book a little hard to read with the unusual dialogue and writing format, I still greatly enjoyed this story of a fearful and trapped 60s housewife I found the subject matter quite racy for the time it was written but I could identify with many of Stacey s fears and thoughts and ideas Being a stay at home mom myself, I appreciated the honesty that she expressed towards the care she gave her kids and how she sometimes felt trapped but still worried about them so immensely I lov [...]

    7. A novel that must have made quite a sensation on first release, capturing with amazing detail the dawn of post 60s women s liberation and questioning the position of homemaker, housewife, and mother in the suburbs of modern city life In fact, the label contemporary wouldn t have done it enough justice, even for 1969 Reading it now, it s a remarkable historical artifact that maintains its power in spite of so much time having passed, and the monumental changes that have occurred in society This w [...]

    8. The Fire Dwellers by Margaret Laurence is the third book in the Manawaka series The books in the series do not necessarily have to be read in order, although that is how I m doing it There are two common links between all five books first, Manawaka is a fictional small town in the prairies where all the central female characters lived at one time and second, there is always a central female character who is also the narrator Each book describes the innermost thoughts as well as, worlds of the ma [...]

    9. What s left of me Where have I gone I ve brought it on myself, without realizing it How to stop telling lies How to get out This is madness I m not trapped I ve got everything I ve always wanted Even to the hairdresser, I d rather take Jen the baby It s easier to face the world with one of them along Then I know who I m supposed to be I m not a good mother I m not a good wife I don t want to be I m Stacy Cameron and I still love to dance If only I could get out of here IF ONLY I COULD GET OUT Wh [...]

    10. Margaret Laurence s writing style is similar to that of David Adams Richards Their books are about ordinary Canadians and focus on the feelings and perceptions of the characters, how they react to the day to day situations of their lives Plot is secondary to emotion and sensation These books are important but not always that easy to read.The Fire Dwellers focuses on Stacey Cameron MacAindra, Vancouver housewife circa 1969 Stacey is the sister of Rachel, the main character in A Jest of God, the 2 [...]

    11. The Margaret Laurence novel I like the least I just couldn t understand Stacey I even read the book a second time, hoping I would see what I was missing Still can t.

    12. It is rare for me to read a book a second time There are too many to be read Newer and sparklier But of course there will not be any new and sparkly books from this author and that makes me sad I discovered Margaret Laurence at the same time as I discovered Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood In the late sixties and early seventies I gobbled down everything they had written up to that point What glorious gluttony I ve continued to read my faves and it gave me heart palpitations when Alice Munro an [...]

    13. Canadian literature has seemed, at least to me, haunted by the reputations of the two Margarets, Atwood and Laurence When I was younger I avoided their books like the plague I had dim impressions of serious, dour stories about Native girls in small town Manitoba where nothing interesting ever happens As a teenager I would much rather take refuge in the thick arms of swords and sorcery tomes.Older and wiser, or so I like to think, I finally got around to actually reading a Margaret Laurence book [...]

    14. This was a bit slow to get going, but in the end I liked it The style is slightly offputting to start with it s Stacey s internal monologue, interspersed with speech But you get used to it, and it s an effective way of getting inside Stacey s head The paperback publisher did Laurence a disservice again, as with A Jest of God The poignant novel of a woman searching desperately for new love That s not what it s about The book was published in 1969, and Stacey is the embodiment of the problem with [...]

    15. ayearofbooksblog 2017 10 I have been slowly working my way through Margaret Laurence s Manawaka series of novels My initial introduction to this amazing author was reading The Stone Angel in highschool While I can t say that I fell in love with her reading as a teenager, I appreciated this novel after rereading it as an adult This summer, I enjoyed The Fire Dwellers.Busy mom s can relate to the challenges of raising a family, balancing all the responsibilities and losing oneself in the busy days [...]

    16. My love for Laurence knows no bounds but it s really only based on a small part of her writing A Bird in the House and The Diviners, which are among my favourites in Canadian literature So, having never read The Fire Dwellers, I was pleased it was my book club pick for this month No bookstores around me carried the novel, and I found it a bit hard to get used to in ebook format, simply because it s a very stream of conscience esque book that uses punctuation to pivot your attention between dialo [...]

    17. Read this after Jest of God, expecting a similar writing pace Maybe I should have had of a break between the two.I really struggled to follow the narrative who said what and what was a Stacie thought I had to stop halfway through to try to reframe, and couldn t stick with it skimming the last few chapters.The story itself is valuable the isolation of Canadian housewives in the 60s when everyone moved and had distance between their new home and their hometowns It also portrayals marriage in the [...]

    18. This was a very emotional and moving book I really enjoyed the unique and interesting writing dialogue style throughout the novel, Laurence incorporates both Stacey s thoughts, stories, and memories into the text Stacey MacAindra is desperate to escape the prison of her monotonous life she misses her youth and laments her role as a housewife She has four kids and an uncommunicative and quiet husband, who works relentlessly to keep his job She explores middle age and searches for passion and love [...]

    19. Another beautiful offering from Laurence A subject that is a bit beyond me, the idea of being maybe and probably unhappily married, life with kids, life as a 39 year old woman And yet, a book written so that I could kind of grasp what that life is like Which is the sign of a good book Some devastatingly beautiful lines in here, the theme of fire burning deep in the belly and the loins and baptism by fire and being thrown into the fire and hardened by fire This book is a testament to the idea of [...]

    20. Some adult content A Margaret Laurence novel that I am rereading before my exam on Thursday The book was written in 1969, at which time I was the same age as Stacey s youngest boy Reminds me a lot of my childhood except that my parents were not quite as angst ridden as Stacey and her husband at least I don t think so I remember nearly drowning at the University of Manitoba pool much like Duncan in the novel I am sure that my mother was pretty freaked out in much the same way that Stacey was.

    21. A rereade character of Stacey becomes and compelling as the book progresses I hadn t remembered the connections between The Fire Dwellers and A Jest of God and The Stone Angel impressive writing At one point all the diffeent narrative techniques became problematic until I realized that I simply wasn t paying close enough attention Laurence obviously expected a reader to do her share I am now inspired to reread the others in the Manawaka series.

    22. Always worth a re read, although as I get older and have kids my perspective shifts on the themes in the book As usual I finish this book feeling glad I m Gen X Laurence s sense of voice in this novel comes through strongly with the breaths and gasps and oppressive sense of the mundane Stacey s choices stumble along, like her behaviour at parties on Valium and booze and yet you stay on her side.

    23. I love Margaret Laurence.I bought a copy of The Fire Dwellers eight or nine years ago but never picked it up I think it s better, though, that I waited to read it until I was just that little bit older Stacey s life and marriage are kind of terrifying Not beyond hope and probably easier to fall into than one might think but still Scary.

    24. This book started off strong for me and I quickly grew to like the main character, the oh so realistically neurotic smart, conflicted mother of four, Stacey But it quickly spiraled into an eye rolling mess of a book and I quickly grew than tired with oh so neurotic Stacey I made it through to the end but barely.

    25. This book was experimental in technique than The Stone Angel or A Jest of God It contains mostly narration some of it between characters, some of it internal monologue, and some fanciful meanderings The main character, Stacy, is a housewife and mother of four children who is not quite satisfied with her life and not quite sure of herself.

    26. You definitely could feel Stacey s pain and loneliness The style both contributed and detracted but overall it was an interesting depiction of life at that time in general and for the main character at 40.

    27. This is another book by Margaret Lawrence that I read a long time ago and do not remember the story line except that I liked it the first time around We have two copies of this book too and fortunately my copy is a discard from the library which means it is just ripe for marking it up as my own

    28. Some people get sick of being stuck inside the head of a neurotic housewife But Laurence does such a good job of keeping us there Beautiful, completely realistic story of domestic malaise and disappointment My kind of read.

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