Someone Else's Daughter #2020

Someone Else's Daughter By Linsey Lanier Someone Else s Daughter A woman can never make herself too tough too strong or too street smart THE SEARCHING MOTHERMiranda Steele Smart talking hot pepper eating loner whose abusive ex husband stole her baby and gave it
  • Title: Someone Else's Daughter
  • Author: Linsey Lanier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Someone Else's Daughter By Linsey Lanier A woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smart THE SEARCHING MOTHERMiranda Steele Smart talking, hot pepper eating loner whose abusive ex husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption She comes to Atlanta to hunt for her daughterE PIWade Parker Wealthy owner of the Parker Investigative Agency, ace detective, and the most eligible forA woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smartE SEARCHING MOTHERMiranda Steele Smart talking, hot pepper eating loner whose abusive ex husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption She comes to Atlanta to hunt for her daughterE PIWade Parker Wealthy owner of the Parker Investigative Agency, ace detective, and the most eligible forty four year old bachelor in Atlanta He still mourns the death of his socialite wife but must now solve a disturbing murder caseE MURDERERA serial killer strangling young girls in a bizarre ritual Why She doesn t need a man.He needs to find a killer.Together, can they save a thirteen year old girl Highly charged and emotional Read it with tissue from the very beginning Pamela Mason It was a great read, honestly couldn t put it down and can t wait to read the next one Cathie Sydney, Australia Miranda Steele is one ballsy ladywhat I d call one HOT pepper Diane Kratz crime fiction writer Someone Else s Daughter is the first book in the popular Miranda s Rights Mystery series, the emotional story of a stubborn loner looking for her stolen daughter Buy this intriguing thriller for a story readers say they can t put downE MIRANDA S RIGHTS MYSTERY SERIESSomeone Else s Daughter Book IDelicious Torment Book IIForever Mine Book IIIFire Dancer Book IVThin Ice Book VTHE MIRANDA AND PARKER MYSTERY SERIESAll Eyes on MeHeart WoundsClowns and CowboysThe WatcherZero Dark ChocolateTrial by FireSmoke ScreenOTHER SUSPENSE BOOKS BY LINSEY LANIERChicago Cop A cop family thriller Steal My Heart A Romantic Suspense HUMOROUS BOOKS BY LINSEY LANIERYou Want Me to Kill Who A Dandy Frost Ninja Assassin Story 1You Want Me to Go Where A Dandy Frost Ninja Assassin Story 2The Clever Detective Boxed Set 2 A Fairy Tale Romance Stories 1 5
    Someone Else's Daughter By Linsey Lanier
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      261 Linsey Lanier
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      Writing fiction for over fifteen years, Linsey Lanier authored over a dozen novels and short stories, including the popular Miranda s Rights Mystery series She writes romantic suspense, mysteries, and thrillers with a dash of sass.She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Kiss of Death chapter, Private Eye Writers of America, and International Thriller Writers Her books have been nominated in several RWA sponsored contests.In her spare time, Linsey enjoys watching crime shows with her husband of over two decades and trying to figure out who dun it with him But her favorite activity is writing and creating entertaining new stories for her readers.She s always working on a new book, currently books in the new Miranda and Parker Mystery series a continuation of the Miranda s Rights Mystery series For alerts on her latest releases join Linsey s mailing list at linseylanier.


    1. This book is only fifty percent mystery.Other fifth percent romance, it should have been listed under romance Physical attraction and sex fills the pages I m always looking for female authors and strong female characters, this was very disappointing Miranda character isn t likeable at all If you like romance books read it.

    2. This was okay until Parker enters the fray.Then things just go down hill into cheesy, whiny, redundant doom.I liked Miranda while she was a hard ass working dirty jobs But once she became a hypocritical tease, I lost interest in her.The story started off pretty good and intriguing But it didn t keep up the appeal I don t know, I just don t really care about eating at restaurants or have sympathy for a woman who treats people the way she doesn t want to be treated.There is a lot of downtime I ski [...]

    3. Someone Else s Daughter by Linsey LanierThis book was awesome I really enjoyed reading about Miranda s story It was a tough story but an inspiring one I love how tough and independent Miranda became after suffering for so many years at the hands of her crazy mean husband But she never stopped trying to help anyone that was being victimized, even at her own detriment Wow What a gal I loved the book,the characters,the heart that was in it I most definitely recommend this book For adults Can t wait [...]

    4. This is the first book I have read by this author, and it won t be the last I loved it, and could not put it down I only read it as it was free, but will now gladly buy the other in the Miranda seriesif only to read about the hot PI Wade Parker The book is well written, and great plotting kept me on the edge throughout I highly recommend this book and this author to anyone looking for a great read

    5. Original Review can be found on my Review Blog Views She WritesBefore I started the book, I went through some of the reviews in GoodReads They were mixed ones with some negative current underlying But having liked the blurb of the book, I thought of going ahead with it anyway And that happened to be a wonderful choice for me.There is nothing not to love in this book Miranda Steele is a very believable character The things that she has gone through in her past has only motivated her to get strong [...]

    6. I would have rated this book than 2 stars, if not for the ending which left me with a stranded feeling Give it a miss.

    7. Someone Else s Daughter is a Miranda Right Mystery book 1 by Lindsey Lanier It is a really good book and you don t want to put it down It deals with abuse, adoption, building self confidence, and mystery Miranda Steele was a victim of spousal abuse She went to the store one evening to get ice cream and was abducted and raped If that wasn t enough, her ex husband deemed it her fault and when she showed up pregnant, he verbally and physically abused her The turning point came when three weeks afte [...]

    8. Miranda Steele has had a rough life She was married to an abusive man years ago She left him after he gave her baby she was raped one night when out looking for ice cream for him for adoption Since then, Miranda has been a drifter, moving from town to town, taking physical labor jobs like road construction or steel mill, all the while looking for clues as to where her now 13 year old daughter may be.Her search takes her to Atlanta where she, through several twists, ends up working at a private i [...]

    9. I really liked this first book in the series of Miranda Rights Mysteries Its a murder mystery, a love story and a chronicle of a woman s personal journey from victimization to power Miranda journeys to Atlanta following a clue that may lead her to a daughter who was stolen from her 13 years ago when she was 3 weeks old After escaping an abusive relationship with the husband who placed her child in a closed adoption, she spends those years developing her physical strength and her conviction to st [...]

    10. The premise for this book is great It revolves around two themes, adoption and spousal domestic abuse The book is very well plotted The sarcasm of Miranda Steele, the female protagonist is wonderful She s witty, sharp and funny I love her remarks as they go on inside her head Young teenage girls are being murdered as Miranda comes to Buckhead, a wealthy zip code which you will be drawn into very easily The middle half of the book is the best part Since its the absolute basics, Miranda and the re [...]

    11. I like the style of this author and was sucked into the book rather quickly Not bad for a freebie thanks bookbubs Miranda Steele is a hard ass, modern chick who knows how to fight back When her life took a dramatic change thanks to her good for nothing husband, she picked herself up and used that anger to become something better The storyline was brilliant and had enough grit to keep you guessing pretty much till the end I did guess the who dun it plot a dew chapters before the end, but it was s [...]

    12. Finishing Someone else s Daughter , I realized that although this book started off promising, it turned out to be a rather below average read, especially the budding romance between Wade Parker and Miranda Steele felt trivial and brought the entire plot down.It s not that I disliked Miranda She s a woman who has come a long way since being bullied, abused by a brutal and boorish husband, a policeman, thirteen years earlier Miranda has become a fighter and a defender of the weak, preferring to do [...]

    13. I have been reading too many beginnings of series lately due to what is free or cheap on BN or Kindle Again the start of character development and background to give the series something to grow on.A woman, who has experienced some bad parts of life, is looking for a daughter who was taken from her many years ago She comes into contact with a wealthy man in Georgia a P.I and gets involved with a murder.The twists and turns to solving the murder are quite interesting but the romance is typical st [...]

    14. I liked aspects of this book, but overall I was disappointed It wasn t what I expected from the synopsis and is not a genre I would normally read I didn t like the heroine, she was ridiculously tough It was quite racy in the middle, which isn t really my thing either, and the plot was perhaps a little predictable.That said, I have rated it four stars because I am sure it would appeal to many The story moves along at a stable pace and builds to an enjoyable climax There is romantic interest which [...]

    15. This book kept my interest from the start and kept me turning pages Miranda is a very strong woman with an edge that she uses to protect herself from getting close to people and getting hurt It is a good murder mystery which takes the reader through the crime investigation step by step This is the first book in the Miranda s Rights Mystery series and I look forward to reading Karen s review

    16. SOMEONE ELSE S DAUGHTERThis is a wonderful book, it s a very fast read hard to put down Right from the beginning, Miranda gets into your heart She s tough, but not too tough This book had the right amount of everything sex, mystery, caring, and fighting for what s right Can t wait to read about Miranda and Parker.

    17. This book kept me engrossed from the beginning all the way through to the end I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series I could feel the emotions of the characters and the struggles that they went through This book can best be described as an murder mystery, action adventure, romance, thriller.

    18. Sassy main female character with a fractured past, alongside a gorgeous, privileged, strong classy male nurturing a broken heart A cracking murder mystery to boot with humour, suspense some intense moments How some of the men in this story keep going for so long I have NO idea Ha ha I really recommend this one A 5 from me YAY

    19. Good bookThis book had just the right amount of everything I found myself really wanting to know what is next to come Parker is the kind of man I would love to have as my friend A lover, without a doubt Wishing the best for these two Just ordered book two.

    20. A New Life This is a great story with mystery, love, hate and a woman who fights for what she wants It makes you really feel like this could happen to anyone Heros and Villains what could we ask for

    21. Miranda Rights Mysteries Its a murder mystery, a love story of a woman s personal journey from being victimized by her husband to a strong women that kept me reading until I finished the book Putting in my favorite books and will continue to read this series.

    22. I really enjoyed reading this first book in the Miranda s Rights series The characters were well developed and believable, and I didn t want to put this book down I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to reading the next one in this series.

    23. Good bookThis story is a wink and a nod to Fifty shades of gray and My fair lady but with a murder mystery twist Very likable characters and a form of writing I enjoy I think anyone who enjoys a murder mystery will like this book

    24. Story kept my attentionWhile I didn t have time to just read, I found myself sneaking a few pages in quite often Wish I had Miranda s grit Now on to book II

    25. Excellent readI thoroughly enjoyed this book was captivating from the beginning to the end I highly recommend it and will read of this author s books

    26. Great readGreat book,very page turning,with not to much romance to take away from the plot of the mystery highly recommend for page turning read.

    27. When Miranda Steele s abusive husband stole her infant daughter, and put her up for adoption, the bottom dropped out of her life for a while Then, she came back determined to never again be a victim, and to never need a man She took odd jobs, learned self defense, and developed physically, moving around the country in search of her missing child for thirteen years, until she came across a letter from a 13 year old girl in a suburb of Atlanta who claimed to be adopted and ignored by her adoptive [...]

    28. I liked the story however I am not a fan of the big bad kick butt female main character and that is exactly what Miranda is Her ex put her through living hell which caused an ice wall to be erected Her sole purpose is to find her daughter and she wanders the country taking odd jobs in hopes of stumbling across her A letter written by a girl claiming to be adopted leads her to the wealthy area outside Atlanta where little girls are getting killed I have read other Miranda books and will say she o [...]

    29. AWESOME READ Someone Else s Daughter is a MUST READ This book was can t put down book, until the very end Miranda is a woman with a tough past behind her Sent out to the store, by her horrible husband, she gets raped Her husband, takes the baby conceived from the raoe, and puts her up for adoption, forging Miranda s signature After finally done with his abuse, Miranda goes on a search for her daughter A fast paced, nonstop breathless ride, until the very end

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