What Puppies Do Best #2020

What Puppies Do Best By Laura Joffe Numeroff Lynn Munsinger What Puppies Do Best Best selling author illustrator duo Laura Numeroff and Lynn Munsinger team up to celebrate all the wonderful ways puppies can melt our hearts Heartwarming illustrations and sweet text ensure this book
  • Title: What Puppies Do Best
  • Author: Laura Joffe Numeroff Lynn Munsinger
  • ISBN: 9780811866019
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What Puppies Do Best By Laura Joffe Numeroff Lynn Munsinger Best selling author illustrator duo Laura Numeroff and Lynn Munsinger team up to celebrate all the wonderful ways puppies can melt our hearts Heartwarming illustrations and sweet text ensure this book will appeal to all children who have or wish for a puppy of their own.
    What Puppies Do Best By Laura Joffe Numeroff Lynn Munsinger
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      167 Laura Joffe Numeroff Lynn Munsinger
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    1. Laura Joffe Numeroff Lynn Munsinger

      Laura Joffe Numeroff is the New York Times bestselling author of author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Raising a Hero, and What Mommies Daddies Do Best She was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Pratt Institute Laura grew up as the youngest of three girls, surrounded by art, music, and books An avid animal lover, Laura has always wanted to write a book about service dogs She now lives in Los Angeles, California.


    1. I m not a Numeroff fan and I ve long been of the thinking that her books are so basic they can hardly be called books I know I m in the minority here but.If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and this one by the way are all what I d expect a child to come up with if they sat down to write a children s books Obviously the artwork isn t what a child would create and obviously the mistakes a child would make aren t included here but the gist of the story is just so, so [...]

    2. When sharing this with young children, try asking them what puppies do rather than reading them the text For instance, the first page text reads Puppies can wake you up in the morning Instead, ask what is this puppy doing BARKING Then ask, can this boy stay asleep if the puppy keeps barking NO Then ask, How does it sound when a puppy barks children bark Remark, Wow, that is LOUD Is everyone awake now turn the page Don t labor over every page this way Just stop and share dialogue or engage in DIA [...]

    3. We read this book in Reading Club It is level G.Emiliano age 8 says, I like it It tells you what the puppies do, like give you a kiss, wake you up in the morning, and when you come back home, come with you My favorite page is when the dog climbs up the bed and gives a kiss to the kid Boys and girls in pre first and kindergarten would like this book I think the artist did a good job with the illustrations 5 stars.Frances the teacher says, This is a great book for kids who love dogs There are many [...]

    4. Not enough actual story line in this one to keep the preschoolers engaged I think if you get the kids involved answering questions about what is happening on several of the pages it would keep them engaged than just straight reading it Overall, a super basic intro to puppies, useful for story time if you re good at extemporizing and going with the flow of what your audience wants needs.

    5. Author Laura Numeroff and illustrator, Lynn Munsinger show us exactly what puppies do best Think you know Well, read this loving picture book about puppies and see if you number once answer is the same as theirs.A mustread for dog lovers Published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco PB mustlovedogs puppies

    6. Puppy after puppy frolics across the pages of this book, which shows the canines doing what they do best offering love and a lick or two of affection Puppies are the first ones to greet you in the morning as well as the last ones to offer a lick goodnight, and in between, they chase balls, and learn how to obey The watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil illustrations show puppies and toddlers at their best and sometimes at their worst as they tangle up their owners in their leashes while on walks a [...]

    7. With simple text and adorable illustrations this book covers everything that Puppies do the really good wake you up in the morning, climb onto your bed and give you a kiss and the really bad dig holes in the yard, track mud into the house and make a big mess There are plenty of cute kids and even cute puppies in this book This is a small book, so it would be difficult to read in front of a large audience, because you definitely want to take in the detail of the illustrations especially the last [...]

    8. What I thought I m a dog lover owner and I totally agree with all statements in this book Puppies are great What Puppies Do Best will be a wonderful addition to my dog themed story time The illustrations are lovely I wouldn t expect anything less from Lynn Munsinger My favorite illustrations are sitting, giving paw, belly rub, and making friends.Story Time Themes Dogs, Love

    9. This book teaches what puppies do best They can roll over, go on walks, make friends, and so much This book is cute because its illustrations show puppies with different little kids I love puppies so this book was perfect for me Puppies give lots of love just like the other books in this series.

    10. Honestly this would be a good book to try to presude someone to get a puppy It can be used in many different ways if you just change puppies and use any other noun you want.Have children write a mini book about what they do best or what their pet, mommy, daddy, sister, brother, etc do best.

    11. An exploration of all the things puppies can do, from chasing balls and giving kisses, to tracking mud into the house and making a mess A sweet book with lovely illustrations Would be fun for little dog lovers.

    12. This review is by my youngest She loved the book and wanted me to read it 3 times in a row She definitely loves books about dogs She thought that the pictures were so cute and one of the dogs looks like outs, so that was neat for her.

    13. This simple cute book would be great for preschool storytime but everyone will leave begging their parents for their own puppy Large text and short phrases make it a good book for print awareness in young children.

    14. This children s book is about what puppies do best The illustrations matches the text to this cute story The text are simple for beginner readers.

    15. PB 2 I liked the ending of this book, but I think some things could of been added like puppies are there for you when you are sad and can make you happy, and puppies eat dinner and get treats too.

    16. I saw the cover of this book and I just wanted to cuddle it Everything about this book is just plain cute.

    17. I really like the illustrations by Lynn Munsinger I just wasn t thrilled with the text I can t be to judgemental though considering my own lack of writing ability Cute concept.

    18. This is a little too sweet and simple for me tastes I think it would be better for beginning readers than as a story to read to young children.

    19. Short sweet rhymes about kids and puppies But be warned this book will make your kids ask for dog.Bonus The cast of kids is diverse than you d think from the cover.

    20. Meh, I found this book to be pretty boring I definitely preferred the author s If you give an series Even the illustrations were pretty mediocre to me.

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