For Love of Charley #2020

For Love of Charley By Katherine Allred For Love of Charley Blush This is a suggestive romance love scenes are not graphic It s been ten years since Cole Jordan was run out of Canyon Bend ten years he spent accumulating a vast fortune Now he s back with only
  • Title: For Love of Charley
  • Author: Katherine Allred
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For Love of Charley By Katherine Allred Blush This is a suggestive romance love scenes are not graphic It s been ten years since Cole Jordan was run out of Canyon Bend, ten years he spent accumulating a vast fortune Now he s back with only one goal in mind To win the woman he left behind, the woman he never forgot This time, not even her wealthy, overprotective uncle will stop him Because everything he sBlush This is a suggestive romance love scenes are not graphic It s been ten years since Cole Jordan was run out of Canyon Bend, ten years he spent accumulating a vast fortune Now he s back with only one goal in mind To win the woman he left behind, the woman he never forgot This time, not even her wealthy, overprotective uncle will stop him Because everything he s done, he s done for love of Charley.After Cole made passionate love to her one night, he vanished without a word, so Charley doesn t trust him worth a damn when he reappears Especially when she discovers it s his company that bought half of her business, the Red Dog Saloon But Cole has big plans for the town that once shunned him, and as Charley finds herself working with him daily, the love she s tried so hard to suppress blooms again Only one thing stands in their way Cole s refusal to tell her why he left so abruptly.While they fight their way back to each other, outside influences work to keep them apart at any cost even death.
    For Love of Charley By Katherine Allred
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      Katherine Allred

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      Katherine Allred was born in Arkansas and spent her formative years there learning to love books at her grandfather s knee When she was five, her mother remarried and moved them to Michigan, where they stayed for the next ten years At age fifteen, the entire family moved back home to Arkansas, and she s been there ever since, except for brief stints in other countries and states while her hubby was in the army.After receiving a BS in journalism from Arkansas State University, Katherine began her writing in earnest To date, she s had seven books published, with number eight being released in April, 2009, and number nine just completed.A member of Romance Writers of America, Katherine has achieved many awards for her novels, including the 2006 EPPIE award, winning the PASIC Book of Your Heart contest in 2002, and having a novel named Best Book of the Year by Romance Reviews Today in 2005 She currently writes for Eos, the science fiction imprint of Harper Collins Publishing.


    1. 2 StarsDisappointing is the first word that comes to mind and that is mainly because The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred, is one of my favorite books and this can t hold a candle to it It amazes me that is the same author It started out cute with a plot I have seen before Cole and Charley were in love and each other s soul mates when they were young At age 20 Cole asks Charley to marry him, she loses her virginity and the next day he disappears never to be heard of again for 10 years There ar [...]

    2. It was a very good read though i was a little disappointed cause their love was so deep and heart warming but the re union was rushed for me,but overall a good readTen years ago Cole Jordan spent a night of passion with the love of his life He d planned on spending the rest of his life with Charley, but when he returned home, he found her uncle waiting for him with an ultimatum that forced him to leave town without explaining why to Charley Cole has spent years accumulating a fortune, planning f [...]

    3. After reading what price paradise this book fell short of the author s capabilites I read her books for her ability to create flawed but endearing characters and the love story she writes for those charactersis book fell short in the romance department and the characters felt a little flat.but compared to all the junk I have been enduring it was a breath of fresh airill worth dropping everything to finish it in one sitting.

    4. Definitely another great book I really enjoyed this book This is the third book by Katherine that I have read and I have to say they are all wonderful reads Great story lines and loveable characters Would definitely recommend this book

    5. I m not usually a fan of second chance love story for some reason I believe it s because I m a romantic at heart and so cannot take the pain of wasted years even if the couple get a happy ending I want everyone to have a happy ending straight away Though as Katherine Allred is one of my favourite authors I had to read this book.Ahhhh what to say about this book The love story is beautiful, and you can feel the love and pain of separation in both of the main characters It is not the best Katherin [...]

    6. 4 Tender, Sweet, STARSTen years earlier, he d been forced to leave Canyon Bend, Nevada in disgrace, destitute and alone Now he was back Back to claim the one and only he wanted from this town And this time, no was going to stop him.Katherine Allred has done it again Ever since I read The Sweet Gum Tree, Katherine has not disappointed with For Love of Charley It has been ten years since Cole broke Charley s heart by up and leaving with no goodbye, no explanation Charley has never forgotten that h [...]

    7. This is my third story by Allred I really liked her other two so I had high expectations for this one Cole is forced out of town by his girlfriend s family because he isn t good enough for her Ten years later, he s made a name for himself so he comes back to win her again Nothing original about this plot, and honestly I don t know why so many authors attempt it because it s dumb and not believable And don t get me started on why characters find it so hard to just tell the truth Half of the drama [...]

    8. I did like The Sweet Gum Tree, but I totally didn t this one The effort to prolong through the years the pain of a desperate love story based on lies and misunderstandings was weak and predictable Cole s plans to gain Charley back sounded sometimes silly The intro of mystery at the second half of the book was like a potpourri addition And the main question remains Hey, Cole, tell me the secret of quick gold farming, pretty please

    9. I read the Sweet Gum Tree and was captivated by this author s writing I loved it and really enjoyed this book too The main characters are great and I loved the history they share that is revealed throughout the book I can t wait to read Katherine Allred s other books Consider me a fan

    10. 3.5 Stars Everything about it was a bit over the top, especially the last 30% or so It was almost like a soap opera Very sweet and entertaining read Overall, I liked it but didn t love it.

    11. 4 1 2 Stars I really loved this story It encompasses a beautiful romance between two wonderful people who are given a second chance at love This is the second book I ve read by this author As much as I liked this one, I really, really loved the first book I read, ASIN B0032UDTXA Second Time Around That too was a contemporary romance about a couple who get a second chance at love Ms Allred has an engaging writing style and is extremely at weaving a good tale Further, she has the ability to create [...]

    12. 3.5 stars This story is about Cole and Charley and what happened ten years ago to make Cole leave town after he proposed to Charley and made love to her He s now back in town and has a whole plan of how to win Charley over I really liked this story Like I ve mentioned in all my reviews of Katherine Allred s books, she really makes you connect with the characters on an emotional level She also details everything so you can really see it Cole and Charley were really sweet together I think the only [...]

    13. It actually started pretty good It was written from alternating POV s and that was quite a treat But then at the 80% mark, or close to it, there was an interesting turn in the story that turned me off and then it went downhill for me Almost like a lifetime movie gone to pottyI ended up rushing through the book to get to my HEA Maybe other readers may appreciate this better than me.

    14. Rating Clarification 3.5 Stars This book just didn t do it for me After reading What Price Paradise I was hoping for another 5 star awesome read Don t get me wrong the book wasn t bad just not my favorite It was like it was just lacking something I am not sure what that is but maybe if I figure it out i will update my thoughts on here A good read but not great.

    15. Cole Jordan is one hell of a man, I can not imagine walking away from the love of you life because of one of her family members Charley was heartbroken for 10 years and never knew the truth To love someone for a decade and never see them or never try again is so crazy.

    16. This is my third book by Katherine Allred It was not as good as The Sweet Gum Tree but it was still a good read that I had trouble putting down The author has a way of bringing life to her main characters that makes you feel like they are family.

    17. In typical Katherine Allred fashion, story is beautifully developed, the characters are believable and they story comes full circle is it as good as The Sweet Gum Tree nope but then again I don t think none of her books will ever compare to that gem Still worth the read

    18. This book reminded me of The Sweet Gum Tree It was sad, sweet, difficult and overall triumphant because in the end he got her just like he wanted Great read once i started it i couldn t put it down until i was finished.

    19. With Sweet Gum Tree as my favorite, For the Love of Charley was a nice read also A good love story and mystery all in one.

    20. Another great book from Katherine Allred All of her books have sweet, likable characters that make your heart melt and this one didn t disappoint

    21. apart for 10 years, the hero has never forgotten the heroine finally he makes it back home to prove that he was worthy of her love

    22. it was a good book but a bit rushed for my tastei mean Cole left charley for 10 years not 10 minse just forgave him and jumped straight into bed

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