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Max's First Word By Rosemary Wells Max s First Word Rosemary Wells s original four books brought out in were the first high quality board books published Combined with the second four published in total sales are over one million And Mrs
  • Title: Max's First Word
  • Author: Rosemary Wells
  • ISBN: 9780803722699
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Board Book
  • Max's First Word By Rosemary Wells Rosemary Wells s original four books, brought out in 1979, were the first high quality board books published Combined with the second four, published in 1985, total sales are over one million And Mrs Wells s followers are legion Now she has completely reillustrated her eight delightful Max board books in her exciting and vibrant full color style The highly imaginativeRosemary Wells s original four books, brought out in 1979, were the first high quality board books published Combined with the second four, published in 1985, total sales are over one million And Mrs Wells s followers are legion Now she has completely reillustrated her eight delightful Max board books in her exciting and vibrant full color style The highly imaginative stories, loved by millions of young children, are even funnier with the new artwork These are perfect first books, especially with the increased focus on the importance of reading to babies and toddlers, a cause that Mrs Wells has been wholeheartedly promoting for several years with her The Most Important 20 Minutes of Your Day reading initiative.Max s big sister, Ruby, tries to teach Max to say Cup, Egg, and Apple, but his new word is Delicious
    Max's First Word By Rosemary Wells
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Rosemary Wells is the author of a number of popular children s books, most notably the Max and Ruby series which follows the everyday adventures of sibling bunnies curious three year old Max and bossy seven year old Ruby She gets the inspiration for Max and Ruby from her two daughters and the experiences they have with friends and school Her West Highland Terriers Lucy and Snowy have also worked their way into her books, as McDuff and insight for other characters She has also written Noisy Nora, Yoko, Voyage to the Bunny Planet series, a Christmas Book called Morris s Disappearing Bag and a collected book of illustrations of Rodgers and Hammerstein songs In April 2007, her children s book The Gulps featuring illustrations by Marc Brown was released Also that year she published Red Moon at Sharpsburg, a historical novel featuring a young girl in the American Civil War 2008 brings Otto Runs For President, followed by Yoko Writes Her Name, scheduled to be published in July.Wells grew up in Red Bank, New Jersey 1 She is the daughter of Helen Bamberger.


    1. We read several Max and Ruby books tonight, and I really didn t think that this one was going to turn out to be all that special I think that our situation this evening made Max s First Word resonate.My niece decided that it was high time that her brother go through a crash course of kindergarten prep She was quizzing him on shapes, colors, letters, numbers, then she was trying to teach him to read I let this little educational session go on for awhile, and it became and clear that my nephew w [...]

    2. Max will only say one word Even though his sister tries to get him to say other words I love Max He is very independent Great book for babies Good illustrations.

    3. This little bunny can only say one word the whole book until the last page and then says a new one funny Most appropriate for kids that are just learning to speak.

    4. Growing up I had always favored these books, and the show Reading this story again as I am older I still enjoyed it a lot The story itself is very cute, it is for sure directed towards younger readers audiences The illustrations are all so good, they are portrayed very well to go along with the story.

    5. I loved this book I love that Ruby is trying so hard to get Max to talk and is trying to get him to say all of these different words and then he finally says one I feel like the story really captured what happens when a baby says their first words I loved this story it was very fun and sweet It is a story that makes you happy while your reading it.

    6. This is a book about a little bunny that can only say one word despite help from others The illustrations are very nice I believe this book is great for children who are just learning to read At the end of the story, the bunny learns to say a second word funny

    7. Although this short Max and Ruby novel seems to be one of Wells weaker ones, the latter still realistically encompasses with humor the complexities of a child learning their first words, an event in a parent s life that is so precious, it cannot be taken for granted.

    8. This was the very first book that I could read by myself mostly because I memorized it This book has become part of my family s lore and to this day whenever I say delicious I either think or say out loud said Max behind it.

    9. I have to rewrite this review as my sons view on the book have changed When we first read it 18 months maybe he liked the cup in it but that was it Now he s almost two and has become quite verbal himself, he gets the joke about learning the words And he remembers the vocabulary, he invokes Max when we talk about a broom or a chair or an apple Whenever I say something is delicious in daily life, he cracks up because he remembers this book It s a deceptively simple book, it s actually quite sophis [...]

    10. Poor Ruby No matter what bossy, older sister plans she makes, and no matter what effort she puts in, Max outsmarts her In this case, she is trying to teach him to speak new words, but he s not having any of it, until he comes up with a word of his own.My five year old giggled at this but I think 2 4 s would be the best audience for this classic Max and Ruby board book.

    11. We ve read almost all the Max and Ruby series not including the ones based on the TV show , so I had to get a copy of this one I was a little let down I thought Max s word would be a little funnier, but I did find the interaction between Max and Ruby very realistic Particularly, I think Natalie will enjoy this book when I read it to her because this is where she and William are.

    12. I like this book because it uses vibrant colors to get children s attention This book demonstrates Max s older sister Ruby trying to teach him words, which he ends up saying delicious and it s cute funny because it s a bigger word then the ones she was teaching him.

    13. Very cute book for a young child Simple with engaging illustrations I personally find Max and Ruby a little annoying, but my toddler loves the books, asks for them again again again again again

    14. Ruby, the sister was trying to get Max to say curtain words He just kept saying BANG When she gave him an apple he said yumm yumm, delicious I like this book It is good and repetitive to help students learn to read.

    15. This book tells the story of Max and how he can only say one word, no matter how hard his sister tries to teach him new words picture book

    16. This was a cute book This is actually one that I think could be incorporated into the classroom when we talk about using words that we don t normally use to make a story interesting Fun book

    17. Simple board book for the very young I think the funny part is pretty much an adult joke I don t think the little kids get it, but they like the book.

    18. I first read this when my brother was little he LOVED it and wanted to hear it again and again I now own a copy myself so my kids will have it if I ever have any

    19. Cute Max and Ruby are a lovable pair of siblings Ruby is the typical bossy and learned older sister, trying to teach Max new words.

    20. This is a really simple book, showing many different words This could be used in a unit dealing with food, and you can have students describe which food they find most delicious.

    21. she s gone back and redone the illustrations on so many of her classics i prefer probably for nostaligic purposes the simplicity of the originals.

    22. Baby Board This book is about Max and his sister Ruby Max s only word is BANG Very simple but fun for children to read

    23. Sam really liked this book a lot around 19 months He could say the main words from each page He even tried saying delicious at the end, which turned out like ishus.

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